Rob Created An Indoor Fake Tree For A Cat, And The Cat Is Loving It

New York-based illustrator and sculpture Rob Rogalski has created several fanciful works of art in both 2D and 3D designs. Inspired by stories of Hobbits and Peter Pan, most of his creations appear to come straight out of a storybook. From fairy tale-like tree houses to fantastical figures, Rob’s creativity certainly knows no bounds. He has created custom-made furniture, reading nooks, beds, and many others per client’s request. So, when Rob’s friend needed a comfy tree house for his cat, the artist puts his creativity to use. He creates an indoor fake tree based from Peter Pan’s Hangman’s Tree to give his friend’s cat an extraordinary abode.

rob rogalski indoor fake tree for cats

And what does the fastidious cat think about its unique tree house? The kitty probably feels like he’s one of the Lost Boys. And if you want your kitty to have its own customized tree house, Rob is just a call away. You can contact him through his website to provide necessary details for your pet’s tree house.

indoor fake tree house for cats


indoor fake tree for a cat


indoor fake tree house

Rob’s indoor fake tree for cats is installed on location. So, the specific placement would play a huge part in the design. Considering the client’s preference and the location, the artist comes up with the final design. He starts by building a wooden armature to give the tree house its form. This is to ensure that the cat tree is durable enough to last permanently. In order to give the armature its form, he covers it entirely with foam sheets by using heavy-duty wood glue. Then he covers it with either particle clay or a paper pulp to give it a realistic tree appearance.

indoor fake tree installation


indoor fake tree finishing touch


rob rogalski indoor cat tree


indoor fake tree design

For a temporary indoor fake tree that is intended for display or a theatrical set, he uses cardboard or paper mache instead. It’s important to point out that this rate doesn’t include the cost for supplies. Additional charge for the materials will depend on the complexity of the design and other extra details.

Not just for cats, this indoor fake tree can also be used as a wall decor

indoor fake tree custom-made


indoor fake tree wall display

Rob Rogalski provides on-site installation for all his commission-based works

rob rogalski sculptor

Here’s what people have to say about this amazing indoor fake tree for cats:

indoor fake tree comment barb husdon


indoor fake tree comment patty hathaway


indoor fake tree comment denise peska


indoor fake tree comment heather grills


indoor fake tree comment nancy long


indoor fake tree comment eileen oleary


indoor fake tree comment dennis lipski


indoor fake tree comment sharon youngblood


indoor fake tree comment donna turpin

Source: Robert Rogalski | Instagram

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