This “Baby Yoda Toy” Can Follow You Around And Even Play “Hide-And-Seek”

The epic journey continues in the second season of Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian. While the series itself is brilliant, we can’t deny the fact that the cuteness of The Child is what makes the series even more interesting. So, if you’re wondering how it feels to have the adorable alien following you around, you need to get this Baby Yoda Toy now.

Leading toy manufacturer Mattel have released The Child Plush that can move and make sounds just like the cute character from the series. You can control its movements by using the wrist strap remote control that comes with the toy. The remote control unit has colored buttons and a joystick which lets you command the lovable 12-inch tall plush figure.


Realistic Baby Yoda Toy Moves And Follows You Around

baby yoda toy remote control

The joystick allows you to move the plush toy in any direction and in a circle. Simply press the orange button to turn its head and wiggle its ears. The purple button prompts the figure to move its arms up and down. It can also make various babbling noises and other cute sound effects by pressing the green button. If you want to play the role of The Mandalorian, press the yellow button and walk normally with your hand down. Then watch as your little buddy follows you around wherever you go.

baby yoda toy


the child real moves plush remote control

The red button allows the toy to walk around on its own and explore the room. What’s more, you can also play hide and seek with it. Pressing the blue button prompts the figure to stay still for 10 seconds, giving you time to hide. After which, it will start to move and search for you. Sure, there are plenty of The Child-inspired toys that are as equally as cute as this. But they’re not as interactive and entertaining as this one.

the child real moves plush mythosaur pendant

The moving toy is dressed in a burlap coat with a faux fur trim in a light camel brown color, just like in the series. It also includes the metal Mythosaur pendant that the adorable Star Wars character always wears. The plush figure, remote control unit and the metal pendant all come in hover pram packaging which is designed to look like the hovering device that carries The Child.

baby yoda toy hover pram packaging

The toy measures 12 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep. For demonstration purposes, the plush figure has 4 AA batteries pre-installed. The remote control requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). It is now available for pre-order on shopDisney with only one toy limited to one customer.

the mandalorian the child real moves plush


Watch The Child Plush in action on the video below

Source: shopDisney