After Being Starved For 2 Years This Husky Has Undergone An Amazing Transformation

Life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes, problems may arise and relationships may go sour. But what’s worse is that some people use these instances to justify animal abuse. Sadly, such was the case with this poor husky who spent nearly two years living on a leash, without proper access to food nor water. According to reports, this horrible treatment was his owner’s way of taking revenge on his ex-wife.

Apparently, the owner of the dog got him as a present for his wife. Unfortunately, she filed for divorce not long after, which prompted the husband to direct his anger towards the poor pup. As a result, he tied him up on a leash and stopped feeding him altogether. It was intentional negligence in its purest form. When rescuers from the Animal Rescue and Kare of McCurtain County (ARK) found him, he was merely a “bag of bones.”



This husky was severely neglected by his owner. It was an act of revenge on his wife who filed for divorce.



As a result, he spent nearly two years living on a leash with no proper access to food nor water



When rescuers found him, he was merely a “bag of bones” with hardly any fur on him

The rescuers transported him to the Pet Angels Rescue in Guthrie, Oklahoma at once. Recalling their encounter with the poor pup, it was simply heartbreaking according to one of the rescuers. Nonetheless, much to their surprise, the dog didn’t even resist when they arrived to fetch him. In fact, it was like he had been waiting for someone to save him all along. He was definitely ready to go.



Rescuers brought him to the Pet Angels Rescue in Oklahoma where he received deworming and other essential medical treatment

The little fella slept for the entire two-hour trip to the shelter. Upon his arrival, he was immediately given a medicated bath to help soothe his skin. During his stay, he also received multiple rounds of dewormer. The good people over at the shelter named him Finn and gave him all the love, care and freedom that he deserves.





At that time, the poor pup was extremely emaciated and severely suffering from mange





According to the shelter, the poor husky was one of the worst cases that they had encountered at that time



Nevertheless, he still managed to make the most incredible transformation in just a short span of time



With the proper care and love courtesy of the people from the shelter, Finn managed to recover fast

In just two months, Finn’s appearance and overall wellbeing improved drastically. He didn’t only gain a lot of weight and get his fur back, but he also became a much happier dog. This only goes to show that proper care and love are key to healing the wounds of the past.



He gained a lot of weight and eventually grew his fur back




More importantly, he became a much happier dog



In February 2019, Finn finally found his new forever home





Finn’s story is a reminder that animal abuse still persists, so we must remain vigilant and keep standing up for their rights


Source: Pet Angels Rescue Website | Facebook | Instagram