19 Ways Grandparents Never Fail to Make Us Happy and Feel Loved

Grandparents are the most loving people on earth! They feed you, they care for you, they protect you, and support you in any way they can! They are like your parents, but a little more. Even though they are grumpy at times, they still want to make everyone in the family happy. Grandparents make sure that the rest of the family members continue to never lose sight of the importance of family. We love them so much, and they too love us. Here are photos of how our grandparents never fail to make us happy and feel loved.


I’m sure with grandma in the picture, her house would be sold in no time!

The kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

That’s the kind of grandparent I think I would be.

Grandparents at pretty good at debate.

“Who are you calling grandpa?”

There’s nothing like them.

Like it was made just for you!

Grandma, grandpa, I trim monkey’s hair for a living.

When will they ever learn!

Where ‘s her glasses when she needs it?

Awww that’s so sweet!

Grandpa is proud that all his grandchildren are in college!

I would want a relationship like this.

The perfect love story.

Now you know what to give to your grandpa on his birthday.

They look so cute!


Guess who wins every time?

What matters most is that they support you 100%!

Why aren’t my grandparents this hilarious?