Useless Advice That Will Not Help You In The Slightest

With so many life hacks out there, it’s only a matter of time before you encounter some useless advice. These tips are meant to give us a good laugh but you might even find yourself agreeing with some of them!

While we don’t recommend you use these tips, we won’t stop you from having fun scrolling down this collection of useless but funny advice.

Run out of ice? Use frozen vegetables for your drinks.

Bad in car advice

Budget version of a car cup holder.

Are you falling behind your chores? Why not put some clean dishes in the draining rack so it looks like you’re working on it?

Planning to cut down on your food expenses? Wake up late. That way, you’ll miss breakfast and save money.

A scary tip

If you’re feeling alone, watch a horror movie before bed. This advice especially useless to those who are easily frightened!

You can actually just fix one corner.

Dangerous idea

Use a marker to refresh old tires.

You can always use your imagination if you can’t afford a virtual reality headset.

Advice for hair

No hair? No problem! Draw it or get a tattoo.

Want to beat the morning rush? Combine brushing your teeth with your breakfast.

Disasters won’t stop this man from going forward.

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Leaving your wipers up will stop police officers from giving you a parking ticket.

Use a pepper as a cup so you won’t have to wash it after.

Fill a glove with warm water (and draw a smiley face) the next time you feel lonely.

Easy name brand replicator.

Use toothpaste if you run out of nail polish. Useless advice but at least the design looks good!

Plaster can heal all wounds…and even repair your car.

When you want to speed up your computer…

Tired of boiling water every night? Heat 10 liters of water, place them on empty soda plastic bottles and freeze for future use.

Eggs are healthy. But if you’re looking for new ways to eat them, you can add flour, butter, sugar and chocolates then bake.

Having a bad day? Wear sunglasses. Now you’re having a bad evening!

Don’t have flashlight on your phone? Take a photo of the sun and use that to find your way in the dark.