Married People Share How Their Partners Threatened Them With Divorce

Truth be told, marriage is not for the faint heart. A happy and long- lasting marriage is hard to pull off. However, a lot of people marry for different. Whatever the reasons are, marriage is still no joke.  Let these married people’s confessions be reminders that marriage is a crucial step for every relationship. Think it through before you tie the knot.

  1. Reading this, the wife’s love must have been long gone. Staying together only for the money is one of the worst reasons to keep a failing marriage.

2. It’s her body, her choice. Why don’t women have the freedom to do what they want?

3. This is more than humiliating. 

4.  Is it really a big deal?

5. It may be a cause of major conflict whenever you both have sensical conversations, but it does not have to end up with divorce.

6. If it bothers your husband this much, maybe it’s time to take a step back with your guy friends.

7. I think the husband is just overreacting here…

8. Females seem to be threatened so easily.

9. Babies are a gift, no matter what the gender.

10. Does marriage weigh just as much as moving a heavy printer to the garage?

11.  Polygamy does not always work on everybody.

12. Maybe it’s the husband’s way of strongly disagreeing to the wife’s plan. But, abortion has never been a good thing.

13. This is twisted in so many ways.

14. Why would you even dare to make one if you can’t do you responsibilities? Good riddance, it is!

15. Maybe it’s time to address the monthly problem.

16. It’s a good thing to know that you’re marriage is worth just your car. 

17. This is so sad to read.

18. This husband sounds too controlling.

19. Showing early signs…

20. This confession sounds so exhausting. “For better or for worse”, where?