A Morrisons Security Guard Went Viral After He Was Spotted Sheltering A Dog Waiting In The Rain With His Umbrella

Although some dogs enjoy playing in the rain, most dogs actually don’t appreciate the downpour. So, when a particular security guard at Morrisons saw a golden retriever patiently waiting in the rain, he wasn’t sure if the doggo was actually enjoying getting drenched or just waiting for someone to get him out of the rain.

Still not quite sure what to do, the kindhearted guard took his umbrella and approached the dog. He held the umbrella over the dog to protect it from the rain, leaving himself getting drenched by the rain instead. This heartwarming scene caught the eyes of Mel Gracie, a 25-year-old tattoo artist from Glasgow. She was in her car in front of the grocery store when she witnessed this compassionate deed. She decided to capture the scene on camera and later uploaded it to her Twitter account.


This photo of a security guard holding an umbrella over a dog has gone viral

In the photo, you can see the guard shielding the golden retriever from the downpour with his umbrella. When Mel asked why he did it, he said ‘Well, you never know how dogs feel about the rain.’ It turned out that the dog was tied to the post while waiting for its owners who were inside the store. The dog was patiently sitting and waiting until rain began to fall. Typically, rain makes dogs feel uncomfortable. This is why they tend to avoid the downpour as much as possible.

Seeing the dog’s situation, the guard decided to shield the dog from the rain since he wasn’t allowed to move the dog. And the long-haired doggo seemed to appreciate the guard’s act of kindness towards him. Right after Mel shared the photo on Twitter, the post quickly went viral. In just a couple of days, the post already has more than 150k likes and got retweeted over 20k times.


Meet Ethan Dearman, the kindhearted man who protected a dog from getting drenched from the rain

Many people applauded him for considering the welfare of the dog. Some people even called him a hero for putting the dog’s sake before his own. Mel later found out the identity of the kind man. His name is Ethan Dearman and he works as a security guard at Morrisons supermarket in Giffnock, Scotland. The photo became so popular that the dog’s owner David Cherry was surprised to found out that his dog was already going viral on the internet.


David also took to Twitter to thank the man who protected his adorable dog Freddie from the rain. He also said in the caption that Ethan has always been so nice to them. And lastly shared a photo of Freddie when he was a pup. He later retweeted the viral post as he continued on expressing his gratitude to Ethan.


Since the post quickly circulated over the internet, the caring guard has received overwhelming praise online from people around the globe. He later responded on Twitter expressing his surprise about his deed going viral. He ended his statement saying:

“I knew I was making people smile but this is something else entirely, lol.”


Here’s what people have to say about this man’s selfless deed