These Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops Have Ice Cream Stuffed With Candy In The Middle

With warmer days slowly rolling in our favorite brands have wasted no time in creating fresh new treats to welcome the summer with. This new offering from Sour Patch Kids is guaranteed to not only please your tangy candy cravings but also keep you cool! We’ve enjoyed the sour-then-sweet treats in frozen form before, but this new version is a game-changer in its own right. These cool new treats seemingly combine three of our most beloved summer treats: Sour Patch candies, ice pops and ice cream!

These new ice cream bars all come in a Redberry flavor shell, which is arguably one of the brand’s most loved flavors. And when you bite into the bar, you’ll find vanilla ice cream mixed with “real Sour Patch candy bitz” hidden at the center! Talk about candy overload!


Sour Patch Kids offer new ice cream bars full of candy goodness

You won’t have to wait for summer to get your hands on these tasty treats though. Several Instagram foodies, like @junkfoodmom and @dadbodsnacks have already spotted them at their local Meijer’s frozen aisle. However, it hasn’t been listed on their website yet.

The two influencers have different reactions to the treat, with @dadbodsnacks expressing that he’s got doubts about it. On the other hand, @junkfoodmom seems pretty enthusiastic about the new ice cream bar offering. She wrote,

“Yep these are adequately sour with that redberry shell. Luckily the vanilla center will soothe your stinging tongue. Kids are gonna love these. Unfortunately there might be some arguing over who gets the pops with the most Redberry.”

Hopefully we see these new ice cream bars in more frozen aisles as summer approaches. It’s definitely something we can see ourselves enjoying while relaxing poolside! So, if you love ice cream, you definitely have to drop by Meijer’s frozen section. But if you don’t live anywhere near a Meijer’s, we hope your local retailers manage to get them in stock to.