13 Mesmerizing Spirit Sculptures That Will Blow Your Mind


Good art should have to power to move you or make you feel something, and that’s definitely the case with Debra Bernier’s work. Bernier hails from Victoria, British Columbia, an unspoilt area with some incredible coastline and wilderness. Living in such an awe-inspiring environment, it’s no wonder that she sees magic in nature. Bernier’s sculptures are made from natural materials, such as shells and driftwood and tend to focus on women who appear to be the spirits of the trees and the seas. Take a look at these thirteen mesmerizing spirit sculptures that will blow your mind.



This scene looks like something from a fairy tale.


A gorgeous totem pole with human and animal spirits.


The subject of this sculpture looks like she’s opened her third eye.


This one is just stunning.


We love the curves and shapes of this one.


It’s incredible how Bernier uses the natural shape of the driftwood here.


How did this spirit gain her wings?


She looks so cozy curled in her shell.


The crack in her face makes her all the more beautiful.


The colors are gorgeous on this piece.


She looks like some mythical bird spirit.


She looks as though she’s been sleeping under the ocean for centuries.


The way Bernier has incorporated the roots here is just stunning.

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