You Can Now Get Your Dog A ‘Cursing Dog Collar’ That Cusses Every Time Your Dog Barks

Every dog owner should get this cursing dog collar for their precious doggos. Why, you may ask? It’s simply because hearing your canine friend cuss is funnier than hearing them say ‘I love you’. Besides, have you ever wondered what your dog wants to tell you when they bark?

Dogs communicate by means of body language and, of course, barking. A dog translator device is still far from reality despite the modern technology we have now. But it would be really nice to have a device that can translate their barks into human words. Would there come a time when humans and dogs can finally speak to each other? Who knows?


But as of now, we only have this collar as the closest thing to a fully-functional dog translator. It doesn’t actually translate the dog’s bark sounds into human language. Rather, this device has a built-in speaker that plays pre-recorded sounds when your dog barks. From the name itself, you can just presume what these pre-recorded sounds are. Yes, they are all curse words.

cusscollar bark translator


cursing dog collar

Once the bark-activated speaker detects a bark, it will randomly pick a curse word from its array of pre-recorded audios. Its 80-Db internal speaker plays the selected sound to make it sound like it was the dog speaking. Pre-recorded curse words include “F**K”, “SH*T”, “MOTHERF**KER”, “BULLSH*T” and more. Even when your dog wants to tell you how much it adores you, this collar will tell you differently.

internal speaker curse words pets


cursing dog collar internal speaker


funny pet accessory bark activated speaker

The collar is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It is made of 100% patent leather with padded interior strap and stainless steel buckle. We don’t really mind hearing our adorable pet cursing at us, as long as we understand what they’re saying, right? But do remember that this device is for comical purposes only and should not be deemed as a training collar. So if you think this collar could train your pet to curse then sorry to burst your bubble because it won’t.

cursing dog collar box

Get yours at cuss collar.

Watch the cursing dog collar in action on the video below


Source: CussCollar