These Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Creams Look ‘Mouth-Wateringly’ Good

If you’re absolutely obsessed with the Cadbury Creme Egg, then you’ll love what Morrisons has in their frozen section. Last year we enjoyed Creme Egg ice cream in tubs, mini cones and bars, this year we’re finally getting them in full Cornetto glory! Yes, that’s right, a Creme Egg flavored Cornetto cone finally exists.

Who could possibly resist Cadbury’s fondant-filled egg? We’ve probably gone through more Creme Eggs than we care to actually admit. It’s delicious, and the novelty of its center never fails to get us. But of course, I think we can all agree that everything tastes better in ice cream form. So obviously, Cadbury blessed the world with ice cream versions of their bestselling products. And they’ve been the perfect post-breakup, alone time and movie marathon companion ever since!

a whole creme egg and one cut in half





These Creme Egg ice cream cones have a generous fondant filling

However, digging through an entire tub of ice cream isn’t really a healthy habit. It’s a guilty pleasure that everyone secretly gives in to every now and then. That’s why we consider ice cream cones the lesser evil. You get to regulate how much you consume, and when. Ice cream cones can easily satisfy our surprise cravings.

We’ve got @Newsfoodsuk to thank for discovering these new Creme Egg ice cream cones. The Instagram account dedicated to spotting the newest food items and treats the UK spotted the dream-come-true cones early this January at Morrisons. Naturally, they got a box for themselves and tried it. According to @Newfoodsuk, the treat was “delicious, with a generous Creme Egg filling in there center”. And as we can see on their post, Cadbury sure didn’t skimp anywhere. The cone is topped with a generous drizzle of golden Creme Egg sauce and topped with yummy Cadbury chocolate pieces. Every box contains 4 cones, and retails for £3 in stores.



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Pick your favourite @cadburyuk ice cream cone! Slides 1-4 – creme egg, 5-7 caramel, 8-10 chocolate buttons! I couldn’t resist the creme egg cones when I saw them in @morrisons the other day as creme egg ice cream is one of my absolute favourites – I’m not normally a vanilla ice cream fan but this is so much better than standard vanilla and I love the flavour of the gooey fondant sauce which goes right through the centre. The caramel ice creams also have a delicious caramel sauce through the centre but I found the buttons ice cream a bit plain in comparison. Overall though I wouldn’t say no to any of these even when the weather is as cold as it is now here in England ? #icecream #icecreams #cadbury #cremeeggs #newfood #eggs #easter #chocolate #chocolatelover #candy #food #foodie #dessert #desserts #dessertporn #junkfood #snacks #delicious #balance #cheatmeal #summer #foodphotography #foodstagram #instafood #new #review #wow #recovery #icecreamlover #chocolates

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