Skittles Gummies Hit Stores In 2021 With 2 Delicious Flavors

With various snack brands coming forward with their newest innovations, it’s really not surprising to see our favorite treats reintroduced in different forms. But still, nothing could have prepared us for the new Skittles Gummies. Although the fruit-flavored candies are already chewy to begin with, they will be made even chewier in their new gummy form.

Apparently, the new Skittles Gummies won’t come covered in hard sugar shells just like the original candies. Although they still bear the same shape that of the original candies, the gummy candies feature a smooth gelatinous easy-to-chew texture. So, expect a burst of fruity goodness each time you chew on these. The fruity gummy candies will be available in two variants: Original and Wild Berry flavors.


Skittles Gummies In Original And Wild Berry Flavors


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Each variant contains 5 different flavors. The Original Skittles Gummies pack has the classic flavors including Strawberry, Grape, Orange, Lemon, and Green Apple. On the other hand, the Wild Berry variant is made up of Berry Punch, Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and Melon Berry flavors. You can easily tell them apart because the Original comes in red-pink pack while the Wild Berry comes in purple pack. Both variants come in 5.8-oz pack.

“This is Skittles’ first-ever gummy variety in the U.S. and is the brand’s most innovative product to-date,” reads press materials. “The bite-sized gummy candies will feature a bursting like texture and flavor experience that is sure to wow fans’ taste buds.”


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The Skittles Gummies are set to hit shelves at retailers nationwide in spring 2021. But of course, you might already know by now that most goodies usually drop ahead of schedule. So, keep an eye on these yummy candies once the year 2021 starts.