Oreo Bark Is Coming Back To Shelves With 2 Delicious Flavors

Since 2018, Oreo’s limited edition Peppermint Bark has been making our holidays sweeter than ever. This year, the cookie brand is working together with American chocolate company Frankford Candy to bring us something new. Unlike the Peppermint Bark that comes in a cookie form, these new holiday treats come in a candy bar form to give us the authentic taste of traditional peppermint bark.

The new peppermint version consists of white chocolate filled with real Oreo pieces and candy cane peppermint pieces on top of dark chocolate. So, it’s basically our favorite Christmas confection with an Oreo twist. In addition to the Peppermint, the upcoming line also includes the cookies ‘n cream flavor. The cookies ‘n cream variant also consists of white chocolate filled with Oreo pieces on top of dark chocolate.


Oreo Bark In Cookies ‘n Cream And Peppermint Flavors



Frankford has been teasing us with these holiday offerings as early as July. But the chocolate company has yet to reveal the release date. Seems like the time has finally come as news is circulating that they’re finally hitting stores in November, which is just a couple of weeks away. The holiday-inspired candy bars come in a 2.5-oz festive-looking pack. Both the peppermint and cookies ‘n cream flavors will hit stores that carry the brand starting November and will be available for a limited time only.



Don’t get us wrong. We loved the previous version but the new one is definitely right up our alley. Whether you’re on team Peppermint or team Cookies ‘n Cream, you can never go wrong with this new line of holiday goodies.