Nothing Says Style Quite Like A Pair Of Fogged Up Glasses Above A Ramen Face Mask

Wearing face masks is the new norm and we only have the coronavirus pandemic to blame for that. Despite the inconveniences this pandemic has brought us, many people are able to find the silver lining in this dreadful situation. Since masks are becoming the new normal, a Japanese artist decided to add a comical twist by creating the Ramen Face Mask.

Takahiro Shibata took the inspiration for his ramen design from complaints he usually hears from people with glasses. In case you didn’t know, glasses tend to fog up when you’re wearing a face mask. This makes wearing a mask very uncomfortable for people with eyewear. Well, this clever artist used his good sense of humor to make these spectacles fog up in style. He designed and created a mask in the form of a steamy ramen. So, it appears that it’s the ramen that’s fogging up the glasses.


This Japanese Artist Creates The Ramen Face Mask For People With Glasses

takahiro shibata ramen face mask
Takahiro Shibata

The mask doesn’t only look realistic with the mouthwatering toppings. But the foggier your glasses get, the hotter it seems the dish is. You won’t mind having your spectacles getting blurry and all because you know you’re making a hilarious statement. Now, here’s the million-dollar question: where can we buy this awesome mask?

ramen face mask
Takahiro Shibata

Takahiro actually has an online shop where he puts his brilliant creations up for sale. Unfortunately, his ramen mask isn’t listed on his online shop just yet. And it’s still unclear whether he plans to sell his witty creation or not. After he posted photos of the mask on his Twitter account, the post quickly went viral with over 250K likes and 71K retweets in just a couple of days. Of course, the internet has a lot to say about this mask’s ingenious design. Here are some of the best comments about the post so far:

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Truly a must-have for all ramen lovers out there, this would also perfectly pair with the noodle handbag for the ladies.

Source: Twitter