Duncan Hines Launches New Mermaid, Unicorn And Galaxy Cake Cups

There’s nothing wrong with suddenly craving cake. But devouring one entirely by yourself is something you’ll regret almost immediately. That’s why we bless Duncan Hines for having single serve cake cups. It’s quick, easy, mess-free and absolutely yummy! But more importantly, their range is getting three new additions this February. Three out-of-this-world, color-changing additions, to be exact.

Last year, the brand launched two delicious cookie cake recipes for us to enjoy. And now, they are taking us on a fantastical food trip with their Unicorn, Mermaid and Galaxy-themed cakes! This isn’t the brand’s first unicorn-themed offering. It is, however, their first color-changing cake! There’s definitely some magic going on here!

trio of duncan hines new cake cups
Duncan Hines


Have a guilt-free good time with these whimsical new Cake Cups from Duncan Hines

Dive into a whole new world of delicious with the Mermaid Cup. You’ll be getting a purple vanilla-flavored cake mix. You can top this with white and purple pearl-shaped sprinkles together with aqua-colored candy that looks like coral bits.  Each 2.15oz cup is 260 calories, so you won’t need to worry about gaining too much weight.

Meanwhile, the Unicorn version has pink vanilla-flavored cake mix that you can garnish with colorful sprinkles. But if you’re in the mood to reach for the stars, you should definitely go for the Galaxy. This out-of-this-world cup contains a chocolate mix, white and purple sprinkles and chocolate and blue toppings that look like meteors (or is it supposed to be an asteroid?).

duncan hines unicorn cake cups
Duncan Hines


duncan hines mermaid cake cup
Duncan Hines


duncan hines galaxy cake cup
Duncan Hines

As with the other cups, you’ll only have to do the bare minimum to achieve maximum yumminess with these new flavors. It only takes three tablespoons of water and a minute in the microwave to get a delicious cake. All you’ll need to clean after you dig through the entire cup is your spoon, since the container is disposable. Remember to keep your eyes peeled when you drop by your local supermarket this February, because we’re pretty sure these will fly off the shelves once they arrive.