The Oreo Fudge-Covered Cookies Tin Is Here For The Holidays

Give the gift of love to your loved ones this holiday season. And if you have no idea how to express your love then let this Holiday Oreo Tin speak for you. This giftable blue tin comes adorned with festive pattern. So, there’s no need to wrap it up because the packaging looks festive on its own. The gift-ready packaging really looks amazing, that’s for sure. But it’s what’s inside that really counts.

The Holiday Oreo Tin contains 24 Fudge and White Fudge Covered Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, 12 of each. If you can remember, the brand’s fudge-covered variant was launched in January 2019, which was later followed by the white fudge version. Now, you can have both of these fudgy treats packed in one tin container. The square-shaped Holiday Tin first hit the shelves around this time last year. Thankfully, it appears it’s making a comeback this year.


Holiday Oreo Tin Filled With Fudge-Covered Cookies

holiday oreo tin

This festive holiday tin makes the perfect Christmas gift or a sweet surprise for the Oreo lover in your life. The one-pound tin has been spotted in major retailers nationwide including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and many others. So, you won’t have any trouble finding it in the snack aisle of your nearest grocery stores. Of course, you can also gift yourself with these goodies to reward yourself for all your hard work this year. What’s more, these tin packaging can be reused as small containers and could last for years to come.

holiday oreo tin fudge covered cookies

If you’re more into Cheetos than Oreo, you can get a tin of Cheetos Popcorn in gift-ready packaging.


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