Quitters Reveal How To Handle Smoking Cravings

Lots of people are smokers. Of course, the amount they smoke and how reliant they are on their addiction will vary from person to person. Many people decide for numerous reasons that they want to kick the habit. Unfortunately, their brains are often thinking otherwise! Here we have a list of quitters revealing how to handle smoking cravings. There are some super helpful tips and interesting ideas to be found. Take a look!
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Inexpensive, easily portable and plenty of fun! 

The feeling of clean teeth must be way better than smoky teeth! 

Sometimes you just need to have a stern word with yourself. 

This doesn’t seem too excessive. Don’t worry! 

Having support can make such a difference. 


The art of distraction is not to be underestimated. 

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Your body will thank you! Although, remember no addiction is healthy so don’t take things too far. 

Some people really overreact to the smallest of things! 

Gum is a pretty common tip! 

We like this creative idea! 

If you haven’t ever tried a stress ball, you need to! 

Don’t be afraid to lean on other people for support! 

Congratulations on 15 years. Long may it continue!