30 People Who Didn’t Actually Want Pets At First But Soon Changed Their Mind

Some people are into pets while others simply couldn’t care less about having an animal companion. If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably wondering how some people fail to enjoy the company of animals. Having a cat or a dog undeniably makes life happier and more meaningful. But why would other people reject the idea of having an animal companion?

Interestingly, people who don’t want pets don’t necessarily fall into the category of ‘animal haters’. There are some valid reasons why some people prefer not to keep any animals at home. And it’s not because they despise these creatures. Needless to say, animal unfriendliness doesn’t automatically equate to a defect of character. Instead, it may be brought about by certain factors such as health issues, culture, upbringing, and dismal experiences.

But nothing is fixed forever in this world and everything is bound to change. And that also includes the mindset of an individual. Even those who don’t want to have pets could change their minds and find to love them eventually. That’s what happened to this adorable story shared by Twitter user Ruby (@roobeekeane). Ruby claims that her dad didn’t want a cat and it’s not because he hates cats but it’s because of a heartbreaking experience.


The family did have a pet cat before that her dad loved so dearly. Unfortunately, the cat died in 2018 which left a big hole in her dad’s heart. Since then, her dad has refused the idea of having another cat in the house. But little did he know that his wife and daughter Ruby have already adopted two kittens named Lucas and Dustin.


“You adopt a cat knowing their lifespan is shorter than yours and you’re probably going to be very sad at some point. But the joy and friendship they bring is worth the heartbreak,” Ruby explained. “After our old cat died, I think my dad forgot how fun it is to have cats. Also, Lucas and Dustin immediately loved him and sat on him for hours so he didn’t have a choice but to bond with them.”


Meet Lucas and Dustin

In a snap, Ruby’s dad immediately changed his mind the moment he saw the two cute kittens. Ruby even snapped some photos of how his dad takes good care of the kitties with love and affection. This heartwarming story captured the hearts of many people and some even shared similar stories based from their own experiences. And stories about people who didn’t like pets who ended up loving them in the end keep on piling up on Ruby’s Twitter thread.


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Source: Twitter