People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Being Weird And It’s Got The Internet Laughing

If you think your cat is weird, you’re not the only one who thinks that way. In fact, almost every cat owner would find their pets doing some strange things that are both baffling and hilarious. A funny thread on Twitter was created to let pet owners expose their weirdo cats doing their own crazy shenanigans. As expected, many cat owners have their own amusing stories to tell about their pet’s ridiculously peculiar behaviors.

A cat’s capricious behavior is due to their unpredictable nature which explains why they are idiosyncratic in many ways. Indeed, our furry friends can go from being a sweet angel to a nasty devil in a matter of seconds. That’s how random and unpredictable they can be. So, don’t ever think that there’s something wrong with your weirdo cats if they manifest unusual behaviors or moody temperament. They are fuzzy oddball after all. But nonetheless, their eccentricity is what makes them more adorable and lovable.

Let’s take a look at some of the funniest stories from the weirdo cats Twitter thread to find out what our mischievous feline buddies are up to. Laugh your hearts out with these hilarious posts as we try to explain and understand the uniqueness (and hilarities) of cats.





Some cats are fascinated with faucets and showers because of their wild instincts. Before domestication, cats thrive in the wild where they hunt for food in order to survive. Despite living in the wild, cats are meticulous when it comes to cleanliness and personal hygiene. Hence, they only drink clean, fresh water. Since the wilderness is full of natural water resources like rivers and streams, cats can have all the clean water they need. This explains their fascination with flowing waters that come out from faucets and showers. Of course, this natural instinct also makes them loathe still water so they tend to refuse drinking from it.


If your weirdo cats prefer to use the toilet than their litter boxes, this unusual habit might have something to do with their hygiene. It might be because they don’t find their litter boxes clean so they tend to look for a cleaner place to defecate or urinate. You can fix this by cleaning the litter box regularly and make sure that it doesn’t smell like poop or urine. Furthermore, change the litter filler at least twice a week and remove any clumping litter if you see one.


Some pet owners often find their kitties sleeping in the sink rather than on their cozy pet beds. Choosing a sink over a comfy bed doesn’t make them weirdo cats because there’s a logical explanation to that. In hot summer days, cats typically prefer a much cooler abode to fight the heat. And since a sink is cool and perfect for their size, they would use it as beds particularly in hot weather.





















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