Service Dogs Taken To Watch Production Of Billy Elliot Goes Viral

We’ve all had our share of annoying theater experiences. There’s always the case of unruly children and we’re not ruling adults out of the equation either. Adults are often some of the most inconsiderate people you’ll encounter in theaters. You know, that one person who doesn’t set his phone on silent mode. Another one who constantly checks his phone with a 100% screen brightness. And worst? The one who spoils the show’s major plot twists. Somehow, it makes us wonder if animals can fare better than these people. Take dogs for example. Photos of service dogs watching Billy Elliot have gone viral recently. These service dogs have surprised people with their good behavior inside the theater and they sure have secured themselves good seats.




This important and cute activity was made pawsible by the Stratford Festival. It is North America’s largest classical repertory theater company, located in Ontario, Canada.


Who are the Service Dogs Watching Billy Elliot?

This adorable canine pack are from the dog training provider, K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs. K-9 Country Inn aims to support first responders, veterans, and civilians suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).




For us, seeing these service dogs is fun and entertaining. However, this activity was more than just a regular day out for these dogs. In fact, this activity was actually a crucial part of their training.



How Does the Theater Help?

Through this activity, they learned how to behave properly in a theater by just sitting quietly. In addition, theaters expose service dogs to various stimuli. These include lights, sounds, movements, and the presence of loud crowds. As a result, they learn how to adapt to such environments and act accordingly. As service dogs, it’s also essential that they learn to ignore other external factors and just focus on their handler’s needs.

In another tweet, the Stratford Festival explained how relaxed performance works.


The theater company also recommended relaxed performances to patrons who require a more laidback viewing experience. This includes those with intellectual or learning disabilities. So, if this sounds like something you would benefit from then give the theater a visit!