Annoying People Who Should Be Banned From Movie Theaters

One of the best ways to relax and have fun is to go the movies with some friends or even by yourself. But you definitely can’t relax sitting next to annoying people who should be banned from movie theaters. How can you possibly focus on the movie if the person next to you is too distracting? There is certainly no point in going to the movies just to be annoyed by other people. Sad to say, but there are annoying people who are unaware of the unwritten rules to follow inside the movie theater. Here are examples of those annoying people who should be banned from movie theaters.



Why would anyone take off their belt and leave it behind?

It just shows how the movie turned out, unbelievably corny.

Maybe she just wants some company while watching a romantic movie.

Because no one can actually chill out without a little booze.

Watermelons are so convenient. You can eat them, use them as bowls, and you can throw your trash into them when you’re done.

If it isn’t too rude to kick these seat kickers in their faces. But it would be more courteous to ask the management to kick them out of the theater instead.

It’s either the theater doesn’t have any trash bin around or someone just ate too much popcorn and it came out undigested.

Irritating people at the movies



We can’t imagine watching a movie without popcorn. But this is way too much popcorn if you ask me.

There is a thing called etiquette and it never hurts to observe it inside movie theaters.

Was it too dark inside the theater for this person not to see that big garbage bin in front?

When the movie comes to the best part and you can’t leave your seat to go to the restroom.

This guy is obviously sick and tired of popcorn so he brought this giant-sized alternative snack instead. That could certainly feed all the people inside the theater.

What happens if people actually used it to view a solar eclipse? Will their eyes pop out like popcorn?

What could be worse than to sit next to a row of unruly boys? Say goodbye to a relaxing movie time.

People who can’t even park their cars properly should not be allowed to enter any movie theater because… you know… everyone hates a loser.