The “Sealander” Trailer Is A Caravan And Boat Combined In One

Planning for your next camping trip is always a fun thing to do. However, you probably often find yourself deciding whether to take your camping trailer or your boat with you. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring both with you in just one go? Thankfully, a German-based company has got this major camper conundrum all figured out. Introducing Sealander trailer — a compact yet versatile caravan that you can take with you on both land and water adventure trips.

Unlike the boat-roofed retro camper that we’ve previously featured, this trailer features no detachable element that doubles as a boat. Instead, the entire trailer is what doubles as a boat. It’s amphibious in itself, so it’s perfectly suitable for use both on land and water. It works as a caravan on land and as a motorboat on water with the help of an outboard engine.

Unique Camping Trailer that Doubles as Boat



couple aboard the sealander enjoying champagne by the lake



Combining the features of a caravan and the functions of a boat, the Sealander trailer is basically a dream come true for all the happy campers out there!



Camping Trailer that Doubles as Boat



floating camper by the shore


The hull of this double-purpose caravan consists of a monocoque shell with fiberglass-reinforced plastic. As such, it can remain stable on both terrains despite being lightweight. Thanks to its light weight, you can tow or pull it even with a midsize vehicle. And the best part? You won’t be needing an additional license to drive with it.


The floating caravan is constructed for a maximum vehicle speed of 100km/h on land



Meanwhile, its top speed can reach up to 9km/h on water


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The trailer’s exterior features a layer of gel coating to ensure a high-quality surface that can withstand the weather. It’s equipped with a fully galvanized chassis and oil-encased hubcaps, offering superior protection against rust and water damage. At the same time, this makes transitioning in and out of the water easy, fast and safe. With a maximum height of 192cm, there shouldn’t be a problem finding this compact caravan a place to park in.


Inside, you’ll find a foldable roof, an adjustable table and two benches that can sit up to six persons. The benches also convert into a bed, making it a comfortable spot for sunset watching and stargazing.

family aboard the sealander



couple aboard sealander watching sunset





Camping Trailer that Doubles as Boat Interior



sealander interior benches







Witness the floating caravan in action via the video below


The price of the 2019 base model starts at €18,490 Euros or a little over $20,000. You also have the option to customize your own unit, from the upholstery down to the sound and light systems. Other optional features include a stainless steel sink, 2300-Watt stove module, onboard grill, stainless steel handrails, onboard shower and a freshwater toilet.

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