9 Cartoon Conspiracies Your Inner Child Will Disapprove Of

The great majority of us grew up watching cartoons, everything from ‘The Flintstones’ to the ‘The Smurfs’. Whichever programs you were a fan of, the characters probably leaked into your brain so much that you can still remember them today. Since the advent of the internet, many of these classics have reappeared online and a few canny fans have noticed things about them that may disturb you. Take a look and see if you agree with the conspiracy theories below, your inner child is bound to be slightly disturbed!

The Simpsons predicted 9/11. This is just one example of many allusions to 9/11 that appeared on The Simpsons years before the attacks. Creepy!


The kids from The Magic School Bus and Captain Planet are the same. There is a theory that these two shows are connected and that in fact, the kids are one and the same, simply portrayed at different ages! Wow!


The Genie and The Merchant are one and the same. Both of these characters, in Aladdin, were voiced by the late Robin Williams, but they seem to have more in common than that. One theory goes that the genie, posing as the Merchant, was selling his own lamp in order that someone could set him free. Strange!


The Smurfs are actually Nazis or KKK. Who could think such a thing about the cute little Smurfs? Well, in fact there are some strange connections between the Smurfs and racist groups, particularly Nazis and the KKK. They wear white pointed hats, like the KKK, and their leader wears a red pointed hat. They salute their leader with a gesture similar to that of the Nazi salute, and the villain, Gargamel closely resembles Jewish stereotypes. Coincidence?


There is a theory that Garfield hallucinates Jon and Odie out of loneliness and slow starvation. In this strip, Garfield is apparently left to die in an abandoned house. The rest is his mind attempting sanity in a bad situation. Check it out!


There’s a theory that The Flintstones, who are meant to be from the Stone Age, are in fact from a post-apocalyptic future time. The show was made during the sixties, when the threat of the Cold War could have inspired such a concept. Backing up the theory is the fact that The Flintstones use modern tools and equipment that may have remained after the apocalypse. Crazy!


Arnold, from Hey Arnold, was raised by his grandparents, because his parents died when he was little, or so the story goes. However, there are those that believe his grandparents are really his actual parents! The conspiracy theorists believe that as his (grand)parents were too old to safely have a child, Arnold was born with a condition common to mature couples, Arnold Chiari Syndrome. The condition commonly leaves children with a misshapen head and psychological problems. And his name is Arnold! Weird!


Sorry to smash your childhood remembrance with this idea, but there are those who believe Snow White refers to cocaine. Under this theory, each of the seven dwarves represents a different aspect of cocaine addiction… Sneezy, Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful, and finally, a trip to the Doc! Plus, there’s the obvious (according to some) reference to the drug in the cartoon’s name.


One weird and interesting interpretation of popular show The Rugrats suggests that the babies were all in the imagination of the character, Angelica. According to the theory the babies had existed at one time but were all dead in the show, continuing only to live in Angelica’s vivid imagination. That’s apparently why she is the only one able to understand both adult and ‘baby’ speak.