New “Panflakes” Cereal Contains Lots Of Little Bite-Size Syrup Pancake Pieces

As kids, we often started every day either with a stack of syrup-drenched pancakes or a bowl of cereal. The smell of pancakes cooking in the kitchen is a definitive element of those precious weekend mornings when our Moms had more time to whip up something tasty for breakfast. And now that we’ve all grown up and don’t feel like dealing with the aftermath of cooking pancakes, we often head over to IHOP which is always there to welcome us with delicious treats. And now everyone’s favorite pancake house has combined these two classic breakfasts into one delicious offering in the form of their upcoming Panflakes cereal!

IHOP surprised their Twitter fans on the 1st day of May when they gave us our first-ever look at their new Panflakes cereal. We’re not 100% sure that this is the final packaging yet, but we sure are flipping out about this revolutionary offering! Pancakes turned into breakfast cereal. Only IHOP could possibly pull off such magic! Aside from its possible packaging, IHOP hasn’t shared much else about the Panflakes… which only makes us want to get our hands on it ASAP.



IHOP is breaking into the breakfast cereal territory with their upcoming Panflakes cereal


“We tried to think outside the box, but it just led us to one. Luckily this one can fit lots of itty bitty pancakes.”

IHOP may be keeping things tightly under wraps right now, but we’ll take what we can get. There are several exciting clues about the cereal on the provided photo. Per the box’s descriptive elements, we can expect the cereal to have that “pancakey”, “crunchy” and “syrupy” taste. The cereal will come shaped like miniature pancakes.  And that totally makes sense since it’s a cereal offering from the International House of Pancakes.

We’ve seen lot of cereal pancakes lately, and even cereals inspired by cookies. We’ve got a feeling that the new cereal is IHOP’s response to the currently viral “cereal pancake” craze. We’re definitely excited to have these crunchy, syrupy, pancake-like cereals floating in our morning bowl. As of writing, IHOP hasn’t shared where we’ll be able to score the cereal yet. They haven’t announced when it’ll be available either. However, you’ll definitely want to be in the loop because these are limited edition. So you should grab a box as soon as you can!


IHOP fans can’t wait to fill their morning bowl with the new cereal