Adorable Rescue Kitten With One Eye And Four Ears Gets A Happy Ending After Finding His Forever Home

Cats, regardless of breed and physical appearance, are all worthy of love. Rescue kitty Frankenkitten is living proof that there are still people who see past physical imperfections even in animals. You see, Frankie is not quite like any other cats out there. He was born with four ears and even had one of his eyes removed due to an infection. But despite all the hardships that life has thrown onto him, Frankie remains a little furball of sunshine.

Frankie was approximately 11 weeks old when his owner Georgi Anderson first met him at the animal shelter. According to Anderson, Frankie was found by homeowners under a suburban house together with his brother. It turns out that Frankie came into the shelter with two eyes. Unfortunately, one of his eyes had ruptured at that time, so it had to be removed. Otherwise, the infection would have become septic and put his life in greater danger.




Back then, Anderson also worked as a foster carer. So, she was tasked to look after the poor kitty for a week as he recovered from eye surgery. According to her, it was Frankie’s “sweet demeanor” that ultimately made her fall in love with him.


“I went and saw him prior to his procedure and right away was struck by how sweet-natured he was. After a few hours of having him home in recovery, I knew he was special in a way I couldn’t quite describe.”


Rescue kitty Frankenkitten’s heartfelt story is proof that there are still people who see past physical imperfections even in animals



Apparently, Frankie has other unique features besides his four ears and one eye. He has a large overbite which makes his face noticeably angular. In addition, his hind legs also have joint problems which make it difficult for him to walk and sit properly. However, Anderson clarified that although Frankie’s legs cause him to walk splay-legged, they don’t cause him any pain at all. Likewise, they don’t hinder him from jumping nor playing around.




Even so, Anderson didn’t deny that some of the rescue kitty’s conditions do affect his daily life.


“The little front ears mildly affect his directional hearing, as they almost act like little earmuffs to his proper ears. He has adjusted well to only having one eye, but I can tell his night vision is not as good as my other cats’.”



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We've had nearly over 2000 new followers in the last 24 hours (!), so this post is some quick FAQ on Frankie, for those who are new. Welcome! Q. Why has he got 4 ears? A. The short answer is – nobody knows. The long answer – he is not a chimera/absorbed twin, or the result of a nuclear apocalypse. Cats presenting with 4 ears have typically only been found in feral cat populations, so the main theory is that it is a result of long term multigenerational inbreeding. Q. What happened to his missing eye? A. His eye was badly damaged and had become septic by the time he arrived at the animal shelter as a kitten. It was removed by a vet. It is currently thought to be a part of his whole genetic condition, and there is a chance he will lose the other eye in the future from the same degenerative disease. Q. Can he hear from all ears? A. No, the smaller ears are external only, but their positioning in front of his full ears affects his directional hearing ability slightly. Q. Has he got any other issues besides the ears and eye? A. Yes, he has a large overbite which resulted in a surgery to grind down his lower canines as they were growing into his soft palate. He also has deformities in his hind legs which may need surgery in the future. He also has mild cognitive/intellectual disabilities. Q. Is he a Male calico? A. Jury is still out on this one, I will be doing some genetic tests to hopefully answer this later in the year. Physically, he does look like a calico. Q. Did you breed him to have 4 ears? A. Absolutely not. Frankie was born to a feral cat. Q. Is he the most awesome cat you've ever met? A. Yes he is. ?

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Love ?

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She also added that Frankie’s overbite probably causes him the most inconvenience.


“He struggles to eat wet food because he can’t get a good grasp on it. He is on a dry food-only diet and has learned to pick kibble with his tongue and bring it into his mouth that way, rather than using his teeth.”



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I got a few requests for more Dudley and here he is ? My boy is 7 years old and we got him from the amazing @beaglerescuevic in 2011. He was found running along a road in an outer suburb of Melb as a little 8 or 9 week old puppy. In the first year, Dudley destroyed 3 lounge suites, numerous pairs of socks and undies, all of my left shoes, as well as tore up my beloved Humphrey Bear teddy, which my wonderful MIL at the time managed to repair. To some, his destruction might seem excessive. To beagle owners, it's like looking in a mirror. #beagles #beaglesofinstagram #frankenkitten #catsanddogs #loveeachother #frankieistheboss #fourearedcatsofinstagram #oneeyedcatsofinstagram #catsofinstagram

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Nevertheless, Frankie’s special needs surely don’t stop him from being the playful cat that he is. Aside from ambushing his owner every morning, Frankie also delights in annoying his older siblings. According to Anderson, “he is a very cheeky character.” However, he manages to get away with all the mischief because he is equally loving and sweet.


“He is so loving and affectionate and seems to sense when I have had a difficult day. I almost would say he has a doglike personality.”


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