Troy Moth Chases Wild Horses In North America Capturing Their Beauty On His Lens


One summer's day, when photographer Troy Moth was just six years old, he was sedately riding his horse Flicka when out of nowhere the animal suddenly took off. Eventually, he went over her head and onto his own, suffering terrible injuries. Since that day, he has always had great respect for horses, something that has come in useful as he travels all across America, chasing wild horses so that he can take the most beautiful images of them. Read on for more of his story! 



Troy Moth was six years old when his horse Flicka spooked and took off out of nowhere.


He gripped her mane tight as she galloped across the barn yard.


She was headed for a big, dirt hill.


She started to throw monstrous kicks when she got to the hill.


Eventually, Troy's little six year old arms gave out.


He went over her head and onto his, on the dirt.




Witnesses at the hospital said Troy looked like he'd just been pulled from a car wreck.



Most of the skin from his stomach and chest was gone. There was blood everywhere.



A few teeth were missing and his bottom lip was hanging in a funny way.



Fast forward 23 years, and Troy now travels the country, in search of wild horses to photograph.



The lessons he learned that summer's day are still with him.



A profound respect and understanding for the horse.


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