This Care Home’s Residents Love Their Chef And Here Are 32 Pics Of His Dishes

The devoted head chef at Stormont Lodge care home in Perthshire, Scotland has become an online sensation. This was after photos of his haute cuisine-inspired dishes went viral on the internet. Kevin Nairn, 42, is so well-loved by the elderly residents of Stormont Lodge and it’s easy to see why. You only need to see his mouthwatering dishes that look like something you would only see in fancy restaurants.

Kevin wouldn’t have imagined that his culinary prowess would receive worldwide recognition. But right after his younger sister Yvonne shared photos of his dishes online, he finally earned the commendation he deserves. Yvonne also works in a nursing home. So, she always turns to her brother for some food ideas to cater for the needs of their elderly residents. When Kevin sent her photos of the dishes he made at the home, she thought of sharing them online for the world to see.


Meet Kevin Nairn, the head chef at a care home who serves restaurant-style dishes to the elderly residents

kevin nairn head chef
Balhousie Care Group

After her post went viral, many people want to know more about Kevin. Although his culinary talent is good enough for Michelin-starred restaurants, Kevin is currently happy serving at the home. And the main reason why Yvonne shared her brother’s dishes online is to let people see the happiness that her brother brings to the elderly residents.

“Kevin is overwhelmed by all the positive comments that everyone has left. We both hope that his ideas and recipes will inspire others to try out new things within the kitchen,” Yvonne said.


Kevin’s younger sister shared photos of the food he makes for the residents and people are absolutely impressed

care home head chef makes haute cuisine dishes

Kevin has been a chef since 1995 and his first gig was at a hotel outside of his town. When he got married in 2005, he and his wife Heather went to New Zealand on a working visa for a year-long honeymoon. He worked as a chef for a retirement home while they were there. The devoted chef found this job very rewarding and he just loved seeing how his dishes put a smile on the residents’ faces. After a year, the couple had to return to Scotland. Coincidentally, the Stormont Lodge care home was in need for a head chef at that time.

“The best part of working in care is the interaction with the residents,” he explained. “We plan the menus together and we even have tasting sessions which is great fun. The residents always look forward to their meals and it feels good to know that they have had a lovely home-cooked meal.”

care home head chef dishes creme brulee oreo

Take a look at Kevin’s high-end dishes ranging from crème brulee and venison to lasagne and hotel-standard afternoon tea.


Goats Cheese & Mined Pea Filo Pastry Tart

care home head chef dishes goats cheese tart


Mozzarella Sticks & Chili Dip

kevin nairn head chef mozarella sticks chili dip


Red Onion and Brie Tart

kevin nairn head chef red onion brie tart


Stuffed Tomato and a Therapeutic Level 4 Version

care home head chef dishes stuffed tomatoes


Ploughman’s Platter

care home head chef dishes ploughmans platter


Free Standing Creme Brûlée with Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream and a Brandy Snap Disc

kevin nairn head chef free standing creme brulle strawberry ice cream



kevin nairn head chef lasagne


Strawberry Cheesecake

kevin nairn head chef strawberry cheesecake


High Tea Cakes

care home head chef dishes high tea cakes


Vegetarian Wellington

kevin nairn head chef vegetarian wellington


Creamy Mushrooms on Homemade Ciabatta

care home head chef dishes creamy mushrooms


Orkney Caramel Shortbread

kevin nairn head chef orkney caramel shortbread


Fondant Potato

kevin nairn head chef fondant potato


Brioche Cinnamon Rolls

care home head chef dishes brioche cinnamon rolls


Burns Supper

care home head chef dishes burns supper


Venison and Cumberland Sauce

kevin nairn head chef venison cumberland sauce


Duck and Fondant Potato

kevin nairn head chef duck and fondant potato


Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

kevin nairn head chef salmon scrambled eggs


Pidgeon with Puy Lentil Fondant Potato

care home head chef dishes pidgeon puy lentil


Salmon and Monkfish Terrine

care home head chef dishes salmon monkfish terrine


Scallops with Blood Orange Mash

care home head chef dishes scallops blood orange mash


Chicken Boudin

kevin nairn head chef chicken boudin


Mango Mousse

care home head chef dishes mango mousse


Banana Fritters

care home head chef dishes banana fritters


Veggie Pakora

care home head chef dishes veggie pakora


Apple Strudal Flan and Apple Charlotte

kevin nairn head chef apple strudal flan


“Everything on the right plate is puréed”

pureed dishes for care home residents


Yorkshire Puddings

kevin nairn head chef yorkshire puddings


care home head chef dishes yorkshire puddings veggie toppings

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