Vera Bradley Released A Harry Potter-Inspired Collection And The ‘Home to Hogwarts’ Pattern Is Magical

Attention, fellow Potterheads. Despite all the controversy surrounding the author of our childhood’s defining literature, Harry Potter will always be home. It’s safe to say that JK Rowling’s work is a defining literature in our generation. And that means that Harry Potter-themed merch will never go out of style. And now, Vera Bradley is adding their own magical touch on the Harry Potter brand with a collection of back-to-school and travel essentials. In a press conference, Rob Wallstrom, the brand’s chief executive officer said,

“So many of our fans grew up with Harry Potter the same way they grew up with Vera Bradley. In fact, this was one of the most highly requested collaborations from our customers and association. The Harry Potter + Vera Bradley collection embodies the imagination, courage, and spirit of adventure that the Harry Potter movies are known for, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally bring this collection to life.”


Vera Bradley has a collection of bags and accessories themed after Harry Potter

Harry Potter merchandise is essential for any true blue fan. No home and wardrobe would be complete without it! Socks, for one, are a particularly special article of clothing for Potterheads. And now you can include it in your daily life with ease. Because these Harry Potter-themed products are so well-designed and practical that it might convert even muggles!

But don’t just expect to see the Hogwarts logo plastered on the bags. Some bags come bearing the four House sigils, but the star of this collection is the Home to Hogwarts pattern. The exclusive pattern features a medley of iconic characters and symbols from the wizarding world arranged damask-style over a navy blue backdrop. The print has plenty of iconic Harry Potter designs, like the Golden Snitch, the Time Turner, the Sorting Hat and even Hedwig! In its description, the design brand wrote,

“The magical print captures the wonders of those first glimpses into Hogwarts. There are surprises at every turn: a Golden Snitch here, a Time Turner there, even the Sorting Hat and the house crests – see if you can spot all of the fun objects we’ve hidden in this dramatic damask!”


The Home to Hogwarts pattern is available in various forms

The brand has worked their magic on daily essential items. This is most likely driven by the fact that most Potterheads are always on-the-go. The Home to Hogwarts collection features small, essential items like lanyards, zip ID cases, an umbrella, a medium-sized cosmetic bag, a compact wallet, a mini notebook with pockets and a case for your eyeglasses that double as a bag charm! All these items can fit inside any of the collection’s many bags, which include small crossbodies, a sling backpack, a triple zip hipster, a tote bag and backpack. And for those going on a trip, you need the large travel duffle bag.

The collection also features a double wall tumbler and a travel mug, so you can sip on your pumpkin juice (or anything, really) any time, anywhere! It also appears that the brand’s got Harry Potter movie marathons covered. Because if you’re not traveling anywhere, you can always snuggle up on the couch with the Home to Hogwarts plush throw blanket. There’s even a hooded fleece robe to keep you nice and warm!


There are also solid colored bags in the collection

If your aesthetic is more on the minimal side, then you are also covered. There are solid colored, corduroy versions of most of the items included in the Home to Hogwarts collection. The solid colored campus back packs come in five colorways: jet black with white (features all 4 house crests), red, green, blue and faded black with yellow embroidered details. All other bags, like the lunch carrier, lanyards, and tote bag have a solid color option that corresponds to a Hogwarts house. However, the drink carriers, robe, plush throw blanket, and mini notebook are only available in the exclusive pattern.

The collection’s price range starts from $20 up to $175. And obviously Potterheads haven’t held back from snapping up their picks, because the Home to Hogwarts collection is sold out! Plenty solid colored options remain available, but we’re sure that stock is running low already. So click on “add to cart” and “check out” quick if the item you want isn’t sold out.

Fortunately, you won’t have to use a Time Turner to get our own Home to Hogwarts merchandise. The brand is “doing a little magic behind the scenes to try and make select styles and patterns available again later this year”. So if you didn’t get to scream ‘Accio Home to Hogwarts Campus Backpack!’ this time around, there’s still a chance! The only question is when exactly you’ll get to add whatever you want to the cart. Sadly, they don’t offer owl delivery. But at least you can get free shipping when your order totals to $35 and up!

Source: VeraBradley