People Who Went To Court Share Their Traumatic Experiences And Revelations

Going to court is never a joke. From the emotional stress and mental anxieties all the way to the physical exhaustion, perhaps everyone can agree that the entire process is indeed dreadful. Regardless of the outcome, may it be favorable or not, the overall feeling among civilians in a courthouse is one feeling nobody will ever want to experience. Here we have a list of people who went to court sharing their traumatic experiences and revelations. Take a look…
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#1 What a betrayal. 

#2 Seriously? The officer was perhaps being kind! 

#3 Good! May they both rot away. 

#4 May that experience serve as a lesson you’ll never have to forget.

#5 Life works in funny ways sometimes. 

#6 Whenever situations like these take place, it’s always the child that suffers.

#7 This is one family drama we do not envy. 

#8 It’s to help her and protect others. Remind yourself of that. 

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#9 That was one missed opportunity you got there. Could have been fun. Lol!

#10 Walks in like a boss! Show them how it’s done; chillin’ like a villain.


#11 It sounds like it broke the ice with the judge! 

#12 Well, it’s a good thing to have lost while fighting than to have never fought at all. You gave him a good fight. That’s what you call women empowerment!

#13 Now you know.

#14 Well, that back fired on her! 

#15 And the Oscar award for best actor goes to…

#16 It’s crazy people can get away with things like this. 

#17 How? Why? The justice system makes us feel sick sometimes. Poor mother and son. 

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