You Can Now Get ICEE Tubes In Cola And Cherry Cola Flavors

To help your satisfy your soda craving during the quarantine period, ICEE has introduced two new Tubes flavors. Meet the Cola- and Cherry Cola-flavoured Tubes! These new additions to the Tubes lineup are definitely shaking things up – well, for our taste buds, anyway. Before the Cola- and Cherry Cola-flavored flavors, there were only Cherry, Sour Apple and Blue Raspberry.

This isn’t the first time that the brand has included the fizzy flavor of cola in their products. In fact, you can get a pouched cola drink from this brand in convenience stores. However, while they romises that they provide “the coldest drink in town”, can their pouch drinks really compete with the iced Tubes? The Tubes are on an entirely different level of coldness! That’s what makes them perfect freezer treats during those sweltering summer days.


The new Cola and Cherry Cola flavoured Tubes are fizzing their way into stores near you

Several Instagram users have discovered this refreshing freezer duo. Popular snack-focused Instagrammers like @snacksanta and @snackgator have shared images of the brand new freezer treat to the delight of their followers. The new freezer treats are reportedly available in physical Walmart stores as well, as per @snackgod0, @tamisclock and @snackgator, who wrote:


“With all of the deliciously new ice creams and frozen treats being released, you would think it’s the middle of the summer! Hey, we aren’t complaining, that’s for sure! Another newbie in that hot weather/refreshing/cool down department is these ICEE Freeze Tubes in Cola and Cherry Cola flavors! YUM! While some might call the Cherry flavor the “classic ICEE”, we definitely consider that to be a Cola flavor. ICEE in a tube – yep, that works for us! These are currently available at Walmart.”

We’re definitely looking forward to our next grocery run because of this! Get the Cola and Cherry Cola Freeze Tubes here.