Unwanted Puppy Born Without Front Legs Gets Another Chance At A Happy Life After Kid Makes Her A LEGO Wheelchair

A little love and creativity can make a huge difference. Who would’ve thought that a kid’s love for dogs and LEGO would totally change a puppy’s life? This is the story of a disabled puppy and how it got another chance at a happy life with a LEGO wheelchair. Gracie was born with a birth defect which left her without her front legs. Although this condition is rare in dogs, there are other cases of canine birth defects where puppies are born with missing limbs. Unfortunately, Gracie was one of them.

Gracie’s physical deformity was the reason why her owners decided to abandon her without any hesitation. Abandoned in a harsh environment with no one to take care of her, the frail puppy had no choice but to endure a rough life at a very early age. Since she was dumped at a vet office, the vet took the limbless puppy in who was almost on the verge of death due to sickness and starvation. She already had no hair around her eyes and maggots were even crawling all over her. Despite her critical condition, the puppy seemed very determined to cling on to life.


This puppy was born without front legs and was abandoned by her owners

gracie puppy without front legs

After the initial treatment, the rescue puppy was later taken in by an animal shelter owned by the Turney family. Considering Gracie’s disability, the family knew that no one would want to adopt the limbless pup. So they decided to adopt her instead. The Turney family always has a soft spot for unwanted, disabled dogs as they already have one paralyzed dog and another one with a missing leg. With Gracie, the family has to find a way to improve her mobility. Unfortunately, Gracie was still too young for a wheelchair fitting just yet. But then a brilliant idea struck them.

limbless puppy plays with ball


gracie with other disabled dog


gracie disabled puppy without front legs


gracie puppy growing up

They decided to ask help from one of the shelter’s volunteers. 12-year-old volunteer Dylan is known for his expertise in constructing LEGO blocks. So they asked Dylan to build a wheelchair that can assist Gracie in walking. Dylan immediately obliged and created a makeshift wheelchair. It took Gracie a couple of weeks before she could get around on wheels with ease.


A 12-year-old volunteer made a LEGO wheelchair for Gracie

dylan makes lego wheelchair for gracie


lego wheelchair helps disabled puppy walk

Gracie and her wheelchair turned out to be a perfect match. It’s relatively cheap and easily adjustable, which is a necessary feature for a growing puppy. And the little puppy looks so happy with her wheelchair as she can finally run around like other puppies do. When she’s old enough, she can finally become eligible for an adult wheelchair which will become her permanent ‘front legs’.

disabled puppy walks with lego wheelchair


gracie disabled puppy with lego wheelchair


Watch Gracie’s story on the video below

Source: Facebook