15 Things That Look Normal At First But Are Actually Something Completely Different

One thing that makes food more delectable is its visual appeal. We can already tell if a food is good just by looking at it. But sometimes, our eyes can also deceive us. What we see may not always what we get. There are nasty-looking foods out there that actually taste good. And there are many yummy-looking ones that turn out tasting horrible, or worse, not edible at all. Let’s take Tide Pods for example.

They may look like yummy candies but they are actually laundry detergent pods. Safety first, we would like to insinuate that these things we’re about to show you are NOT foods. They may look appetizing but eating them would be extremely hazardous. So we suggest NOT eating them if you care for your life. Feast your eyes with these tasty-looking things that look like foods but aren’t edible.


What happens when you put soap in a microwave? The soap turns out like this, looking like a soft bread roll.

It looks spicy enough to melt your tongue.

Sorry to burst your bubbles but you’re not looking at the longest banana ever. It’s just a regular long yellow hose.

Car oil has never looked so sweet.

If you’ve played the violin or cello then you know what this thing is. If you’re not then you might think this is a sweet honey goop but it’s actually a rosin used for bowed musical instruments.

Grape-flavored Push Pop? Well, it’s not.

This piece of treasure is worth more than a million gummy bears.

Some common objects bear a striking resemblance to food such as these tasty-looking things.



It may look like a refreshing grape soda but this an all-purpose cleaner solution. That’s why it should be kept away from children’s reach.

Eating insulation foam is as equally stupid as eating detergent pods.

We all think of corn dogs every time we see cattails. But they’re definitely not corn dogs so don’t eat them.

This molten rock reminds of eggs Benedict and I can’t help but drool.

Try to read the label first before you take a bite.

My eyes are saying ‘colored candies’ but the package label says differently.

This is what you get if you slice open a golf ball.

The foam peanuts used for packing look like cheese-less Cheetos.