Who Needs Toilet Paper When You Have The “Roto Wipe”

With the recent toilet paper shortage, it caused people to think again and cherish the little things in life, like being able to wipe your buttocks when required. Well, now you’ll never have to worry about toilet paper shortage ever again because the ingenious Roto Wipe is here to the rescue. With this awesome alternative, you’ll never even need to use TP to wipe your buttocks anymore. Hence, it helps you save money on costly TPs and lets you save all the trees too. Both your wallet and Mother Earth are going to thank you for it.

So, how does the Roto Wipe work? This bathroom accessory features a rotating cleaning wheel with soft bristles designed to clean your behind and leave it sparkling fresh. It’s so easy to install, the rotating wheel is held by a one-size-fits-all brackets that can easily fit right under the toilet seat. So when you’re done doing number 2, just use the control panel at the side to get the cleaning wheel to work.


Roto Wipe With Soft Bristles For Gentle, Thorough Cleaning

roto wipe

The Roto Wipe requires 16 9V batteries to be installed into the battery compartment under the control panel. Connect the unit to the bathroom water supply with a splitter valve. Remove the toilet seat and mount the bracket into the bowl. Place the toilet seat back so the unit settles in between the bowl and the seat. Simply rotate the knob in the control panel to adjust the speed of the rotating cleaning wheel.

roto wipe box back

That’s not all. You can also opt to buy other types of rotating wheel to replace the soft-bristled Roto Wipe. The Buffing Disc features extra soft cotton bristles to help buff and shine glass, metal, and most oil-based painted surfaces. The Stripping Disc has nylon-polymer bristles to help you peel fruits and vegetables right on the toilet bowl. Indeed, the possibilities are endless for this amazing invention. Or do you think this is a stupid idea?

roto wipe prank box details

Alright, fine – we’ll have to break the news to you sooner or later – we’re just enjoying the fact that you’re wondering why such a ridiculous product was even invented. Don’t worry because the Roto Wipe is not a real thing. It’s just another hilarious prank gift box much like the Cheese Printer, the Hot Lips, and the Extreme Chores Video Game. This empty gift box with highly realistic description of the silly product will surely convince the receiver that the product is real. And watch their reactions when they open the box and see the real gift inside. One happy buyer wrote:

“First, I was able to fit inside a men’s size large sweatshirt hoodie. I can’t wait to use this for the white elephant game. I will have to somehow keep a straight face or leave the room when someone unwraps this. There is something to read and laugh at on every side of the box.”

prank box with bright yellow flaps


prank box highly realistic details


roto wipe prank gift box


empty prank box hidden real gift inside

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