This Guy Delivered His Résumé Inside A Box Of Free Donuts To Grab Their Attention

As you might have known by now, a well-written résumé is necessary for job search as this document serves as a tool to market yourself and sell your skills. With so many job seekers vying for the same position you’re after, there’s a chance that your CV will go unnoticed and gets stuck at the bottom of the agency’s overloaded inbox. It goes without saying that a great résumé isn’t enough for a qualified candidate to land a job.

Being aware that most résumés usually end up in trash, a guy from Lithuania came up with a clever idea to make sure that his résumé falls into the hands of the recruiters. Four years ago, marketing specialist Lukas Yla moved to San Francisco in order to find his dream job. He then realized that landing a job in the city of tech start-ups was a tough competition. That’s when he came up with a brilliant solution. He sneaked his CV into a box of donuts and disguised himself as a Postmates deliveryman to deliver the treats to the agency.


Guy Sneaks His Résumé Inside Box Of Donuts To Make His Way Through Agencies Easily

résumé hidden inside donut box

Inside the box are yummy donuts from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, a well-known pastry shop in San Francisco. But attached inside the lid of the box is a folded résumé with a cover letter that reads ‘Most resumes end up in trash. Mine – in your belly.’ Yla hand-delivered the boxes of free donuts to 40 prospective marketing agencies and tech firms around the city. On his CV, Yla introduced himself and his willingness to work for the agency along with a link to his LinkedIn profile so they can assess his credentials.


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His crafty yet genius idea proved to be successful as he had been offered 10 interviews after that. Some of the recruiters who received the artful donut-resume even posted photos of it on social media, expressing how impressed they were with this creative approach. Not long after, Yla was employed as the Head of Marketing at a car-sharing service company and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer after 2 years. He is currently working as the Head of New Mobility for another car-sharing service company.

guy sneaks résumé into boxes of donuts

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