This Starbucks Black Cat Mug Comes With Its Own Orange Hat

If you’re not sipping your hot pumpkin spice latte from this Starbucks Black Cat Mug while you watch the fall foliage outside then you’re not enjoying the autumn to the fullest. But why use this particular cup, you might ask? While you can use any other cups to hold your PSL, nothing screams ‘Halloween’ than this adorable cup. Shaped like the head of a cute kitty, its ominous matte-black color and orange details represent the true colors of autumn and Halloween. Hence, no other cups can portray fall and spooky seasons than this one.

Black cats have long been symbols of Halloween but how did their special place in the spooky season came to be? Since ancient times, dark-colored felines were believed to be bringers of bad luck. Their association with evil omens and black magic also gave rise to the superstition that they were supernatural servants to witches. Considering all these harrowing affiliations, inky kitties have been generally linked with Halloween due to the spook they conjure in us. Of course, all of these are nothing but baseless myths. But having them as classic symbols of Halloween makes the spooky holiday even more exciting.


Starbucks Black Cat Mug

starbucks black cat mug

Now that you know how dark felines became a part of Halloween, that’s all the more reason to get this Starbucks Black Cat Mug. Whether you believe in myths or not, no one can deny that this cup is pretty irresistible. Look at those big orange eyes, whiskers, orange nose, and two pointy ears. The only thing that we can associate it with witchcraft is its bewitching cuteness. But here’s the real kicker – this 300ml cup comes with an orange witch-hat that serves as a removable lid to keep your hot beverage warm.

starbucks black cat mug orange details


starbucks black cat mug with witch hat top


halloween-themed cup with witch hat


witch kitty halloween cup orange hat top

This Starbucks Black Cat Mug is made of high quality ceramic and also comes with a gold spoon bearing the iconic two-tailed mermaid logo. It measures 4 inches high including the hat and 4.7 inches wide including the handle while the stirring spoon measures 6 inches long. You can get these beauties on eBay and let us tell you that it has been all the rage right now. So, grab them now while they last because these fantastic cups won’t be here for long.

starbucks black cat mug halloween


halloween-themed ceramic cup witch kitty


witch kitty halloween cup


halloween kitty cup with witch hat

Source: eBay | eBay UK