Every Taco Night Needs A Lazy Susan Taco Bar

Start a new Taco Tuesday tradition with this convenient Lazy Susan Taco Bar. This unique dinnerware is designed to hold and serve everything you need to make tacos in one place. Plus, it features a cute and fun design to make Taco Tuesdays even more enjoyable. So, your family and friends can gather around and experience this timeless tradition in the cutest way possible.

This Taco Bar features a removable warming hot pot in the center to keep your taco meat at the perfect temperature. It can hold up to 20-oz of ground beef taco meat, charro beans, or Mexican rice, whichever you prefer in your taco. The pot can be removed to allow easy clean up after each use. Located around the heated pot are 6 removable topping trays to hold your favorite toppings. Just fill the containers with taco toppings such as lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion, guacamole, salsa, sour cream or whatever you wish to put in your tacos.


 Fun Taco Bar

lazy susan taco bar

One of the best things about this convenient dining tool is its Lazy Susan design. Its rotating tray makes it easy to share the ingredients across the table. So, everyone around the table can easily access the ingredients to make and decorate their tacos. Just like the heated pot, the topping trays are also removable for easy cleaning.

spinning topping tray with heated pot


spinning topping tray

That’s not all. This Taco Bar also comes with 4 taco holders to help you assemble your tacos easily. Each taco holder can hold up to two hard or soft shell tacos. It keeps the shells upright as you fill it with your favorite toppings. Each plate also has extra room on its surrounding area to hold garnishes such as guacamole and sour cream.

lazy susan taco bar with shell holder


spinning tray with heated pot

Not just for tacos, this Lazy Susan Bar is also perfect for other Mexican dishes including burritos, nachos and fajitas. It can also be used for fondue parties. The heated pot keeps the melted Swiss cheese toasty for hours so it is perfect for dipping bread. Or it will keep melted chocolate warm for hours for dipping strawberries. One satisfied customer wrote:

“We enjoy using this taco bar! It holds everything in one area and keeps the meat nice and hot. We have started a new Taco Tuesday tradition.”


lazy susan taco bar for mexican dishes


spinning topping tray warming hot pot


lazy susan taco bar with topping trays

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