Keep Your Feet Warm Through Winter With These Rechargeable Heated Shoe Insoles

Nobody wants to get cold feet, and we mean ‘cold feet’ in a literal sense. Keep your feet warm this coming winter season with this pair of rechargeable heated shoe insoles. As frigid temperature starts to kick in, it is crucial to protect ourselves from the cold. When our body is exposed to colder temperatures, blood vessels in the feet typically constrict. This constriction reduces the blood flow which results to decreased oxygen in the tissues which is manifested by a bluish color. When you feel like your feet are turning cold as ice, you need to warm them up before numbness, tingling sensation, or pain takes place. You can keep your feet warm by wearing thick, natural-fabric socks. But if that’s not enough, get yourself these rechargeable heated shoe insoles.

thermacell rechargeable heated shoe insoles

These rechargeable heated shoe insoles feature a state-of-the-art wireless thermal technology that provides heat directly to your feet. Inside the insoles is an electronic assembly which includes a heater, a battery, a control board, and an antenna. These components are covered in insulated, water-resistant fabric liner. Its built-in lithium ion polymer battery powers up the heater to provide up to 5 hours of warmth per charge. When the battery dies out, simply connect the insole to the charger (included). It has a light indicator that tells you when it’s fully charged.

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thermacell rechargeable heated shoe insoles electronic assembly

But why does it have an antenna and a control board? Another amazing thing about these rechargeable heated shoe insoles is that you can regulate the temperature setting with the use of a wireless remote control (included). Pressing the High setting button activates the heater to produce up to 111 degrees F of heat while the Medium setting gives off a temperature of 100 degrees F. When you feel you no longer need to warm your feet, you can press the No Heat button to turn the heater off.

thermacell rechargeable heated shoe insoles wireless thermal technology


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thermacell rechargeable heated shoe insoles box

You can get the rechargeable heated shoe insoles here and choose your shoe size ranging from small to 2XL. After charging, simply slip the insoles right inside your shoes and you can trek even the coldest snowy mountains without worrying about getting cold feet. A satisfied buyer wrote:

“After only one season… I am sold. Where have these been all my life? As an avid sufferer of poor circulation and cold feet, these did exactly what I had hoped. Love it!”


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