Wrap-Up In This Weighted Blanket With Sleeves So You Can Feel Boiling Through Winter

As the colder season draws nearer, it’s only practical to get ourselves ready to face the frigid weather. Needless to say, thick blankets are going to be a must-have if you want to keep yourself warm in winter. Since we are likely to be snuggled up in warm blankets, why not make ourselves more comfortable with this weighted blanket with sleeves? This ingenious product got us fully covered from the neck while allowing us to move freely and use our arms.

This cozy blanket has sleeves so you can take your arms out from underneath. Basically, you can just wear this warm blanket day and night as it allows you to walk around and do your usual thing. Besides, you may not want to get out of it ever again. You can scroll through your phone, eat without any hassle, use your laptops, or apply makeup, while being comfortably tucked in the blanket.


This Weighted Blanket Has Sleeves That Allows You To Take Your Arms Out From Underneath

therapeutic weighted blanket with sleeves

This blanket with sleeves measures 48 inches by 72 inches and weighs 7 pounds which is ideal for teens and adults who weigh around 100 to 160 pounds. As with other blankets like this, the pressure emulates a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation. This technique can help reduce feelings of anxiety, improve mood, enhance sleep and relieve pain. Furthermore, this blanket comes in dark grey color which has a very soothing and relaxing presence. One satisfied customer wrote:

“This is pretty fantastic. It’s warm, almost too warm, but the trade off is better sleep. The sleeves are perfect for wearing when I’m fiddling with my phone before bed. I never knew I needed this in my life but I’m glad I have it now.”

 deep pressure therapy


dark grey therapeutic blanket


blanket with sleeves

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