14 Awesome ‘Winnie The Pooh’ Quotes That Will Make You Smile


Most of us have experienced Winnie the Pooh in one form or another growing up. You might have read the classic A.A. Milne books or watched the Disney cartoons, but whichever was your experience, we bet that Pooh Bear holds a special place in your heart. The thing about Winnie the Pooh is that even though it’s whimsical and funny, and Pooh is a bumbling hero, the characters often make a lot of sense and get down to the crux of what’s really important in life! Check out these fourteen awesome Winnie the Pooh quotes that will make you smile.



Everyone suffers from wobbly spelling now and again.


Sometimes you just want to be with your bff.


So true!


Remembering is hard.


It totally is possible to do nothing.


If in doubt, check for fluff.


Everyone needs friends.


You can do more than you think.


Life is sweet when you only eat honey.


It’s important to stop and smell the roses.


You don’t need to understand love as long as you feel it.


This happens to us constantly!


Pooh is the ultimate body positive role model.


That does make you lucky.

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