This Wall-Mountable BBQ Grill Folds Away Taking Up Minimal Space

There’s a lot of charcoal BBQs that are designed to stand out at any garden party. Obviously, these eye-catching grills are reasonably large with whimsical designs. But if you’re looking for a stylish BBQ that takes up little to no room then this BBQ Grill is for you. Amazingly, this state-of-the-art barbecue grill is mounted on the wall. And the best thing about it is, it can be folded up when not in use. So, it takes up a very limited space when closed.

This unique innovation is named SIGMAFOCUS, a grill that allows you to attach it on any wall with the use of only two fixation points. The BBQ features a retractable ash pan that you can easily open for use and fold shut when not in use. It comes with a round steel plate that attaches to the wall. The steel plate doesn’t only hold the pan up but also protects the wall from damage caused by the heat.


This retractable BBQ grill mounts to any vertical wall

sigmafocus bbq grill mounts

The barbecue also includes a grill and utensils to provide all you need for a backyard party. It has a latch for closure to keep the pan in place while closed. When opened, a folding slotted rack can be lifted and locked into place to hold the grill handle at the desired height. The slotted racks on either side of the pan allow three positions for the grill height. When the pan is locked in its horizontal opened position, lift the slotted rack all the way to the top so it is fully upright. Furthermore, the retractable pan can be tipped downward for easy cleaning.

wall-mounted barbecue grill


wall-mounted barbecue grill details

The BBQ is made from solid steel in matte black finish to complement any home exterior design. All the utensils and the grill included are made from stainless steel. The wall-mounted round steel plate measures 29.5 inches in diameter. Make sure that the wall is vertical, sturdy and doesn’t contain any combustible material before you fix the steel plate to it. Use two screws with plugs and make sure that the screws are aligned horizontally with each other.

bbq grill mounts to wall

The grill pan measures 21.6 inches in diameter which provides enough room for the grill to be used a number of times without having to empty it out. The grilling grate measures 13.7 inches in diameter. When the party is over, simply remove the grill and the ash from the pan. Then fold the slotted racks and fold the pan up to the wall. It magically turns back into an elegant matte black disc on the wall. At first, your guests wouldn’t even suspect that the black disc on your wall is actually a BBQ.


Check the wall-mounted charcoal grill in action on the video below


Source: Focus