49 Real-Life Easter Eggs People Found Accidentally

Over the past couple of years, we have been picking up on the Easter eggs that Pixar cleverly hides in plain sight in every movie they release. And one extremely talented singer-songwriter has made it a point to engage her fanbase with ‘Easter egg hunts’ when she’s about to release an album. So, we think we can all agree that there’s a certain level of satisfaction in discovering something that people usually fail to notice. But this little fun game isn’t limited to games or movies – the real world is rife with it, if you’re attentive or snoopy enough. In fact, there’s even a Reddit page dedicated to real-life Easter eggs and it’s currently got over 436,000 members!

The Reddit page r/IRLEasterEggs has been around since 2015 and its rules are simple. When you find a real-life Easter egg, share it! The moderators have made it clear that those found in games or movies aren’t considered as real-life, as they belong under the digital category instead. So, a quick scroll on the page will show you a variety of uncanny discoveries shared by members. And, it seems like a lot of brands enjoy poking fun at their consumer’s bottom-peeking. While many have discovered unexpectedly brilliant messages on their t-shirt tags. We’ve selected 49 of the best Easter eggs from the subreddit for you to chuckle at, so sit back, relax and enjoy scrolling!

There’s a subreddit dedicated to real-life Easter eggs


When you being Rickrolled silently. from r/Damnthatsinteresting


On the back of an innocent bottle from r/suspiciouslyspecific


This definitely caught me off guard. from r/BrandNewSentence


At precisely 11:11 a.m. each Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the sun’s rays pass through the ellipses of the five Armed Services pillars to form a perfect solar spotlight over a mosaic of The Great Seal of the United States from r/IRLEasterEggs


Several surprises are on the technical side


I have this qr code sitting behind me in zoom calls. If someone scans it, the light comes on. from r/IRLEasterEggs


Found while digging through some old CAT5 cables at work from r/IRLEasterEggs


While some can be really small


Ha. Beetle. from r/IRLEasterEggs



The new subway cars in Stockholm have some interesting ventilation covers from r/europe


My friend who passed away was always seen with his beloved English Bulldog, I noticed this when I walked to the backside of his tombstone. from r/IRLEasterEggs


IRL Ant-Man from r/IRLEasterEggs


But others can be hard to miss


Every autumn in the Oregon coast range as the leaves change, this image emerges from a pine forest- from r/pics


This bridge in Germany was painted to look like Legos from r/nextfuckinglevel


In Sweden there are these statues of planets placed around the country. Together they form the solar system with correct proportions. Globen (the globe) is the sun. from r/IRLEasterEggs


These clothing brands have messages hidden in their clothes’ tags


Damn, okay T-shirt ;__; from r/IRLEasterEggs


Found this in my maternity shorts today from r/IRLEasterEggs


The tag on my New Belgium Brewing shirt has a picture of the lady who sewed it. from r/IRLEasterEggs


Old sweatshirt from r/IRLEasterEggs


Patagonia knows whats up from r/IRLEasterEggs


Found this on the back of my shirt tag from r/IRLEasterEggs


Thanks for the advice, hat. I shall go and give my butt to my mama. from r/IRLEasterEggs


You never know what you’ll find in the nooks and crannies of the world around you


Thats sooo coool! from r/IRLEasterEggs


Incredible sidewalk art from r/ThatsInsane


Medieval humor. – Abbey of Sainte Foy, Conques, France, c.1050 from r/archeologyworld


Walking past a local garden in my neighborhood, I noticed they labeled the power line along with all the other plants from r/mildlyinteresting


Paisley Abbey (Scotland) has an ‘Alien’ gargoyle above it’s archways from r/IRLEasterEggs


This pole I found from r/IRLEasterEggs


There’s brass fish in the floor at the Seattle airport. This one, off by himself, has a suitcase from r/IRLEasterEggs


Jerry in the wall of a pet store from r/IRLEasterEggs


One of my university buildings has a teeny door from r/IRLEasterEggs


Some brands are adding some surprising messages to their product packaging and labels


Read the whole thing not just the red circle from r/IRLEasterEggs


Found in the bottom of my bag of coffee from r/IRLEasterEggs


Found on my baguette! from r/IRLEasterEggs


Anthony’s Vital Wheat Gluten from r/IRLEasterEggs


The futurama boxes have 30th century fox from r/IRLEasterEggs


Under my beer’s seemingly easy to peel label from r/IRLEasterEggs


In these troubling times… from r/DJs


From our local dairy farm. from r/funny


The footrest in this Jeep says “Sand Snow Rivers Rocks” in morse code. from r/mildlyinteresting


Can’t let those little buggers escape from r/IRLEasterEggs


Addition to all the bottom easter eggs from r/IRLEasterEggs


While other brands give their customers unexpected gifts


My dog ripped open her Platypus toy and found a beaver egg and a duck egg from r/IRLEasterEggs


When the Easter egg gives u a lil treat from r/IRLEasterEggs


And others are incorporating Easter eggs in their marketing strategy


Box gives funny list of extra uses from r/IRLEasterEggs


The way these milk jugs line up! from r/DesignPorn


CGP books (British school revision books) always have jokes sprinkled in, but always a little joke about the book on the back. from r/IRLEasterEggs


Cadburys snuck their trademark ‘C’ in the middle of their Roses’ rose from r/IRLEasterEggs


LEGO went above and beyond to create a fitting tribute to the Saturn V Lego


The Saturn V Lego set has 1969 pieces, which coincidentally is the year humans set foot on the moon. from r/IRLEasterEggs


You can also find plenty of real-life Easter eggs on official documents


Canadian passport when held under UV light from r/IRLEasterEggs


The Irish passport has a tricolour flag binding from r/ireland

Have you ever discovered a real-life Easter egg before? If you have, feel free to share your lucky find(s) in the comment section below!