People Share The Hilarious Times They Tried Taking Panoramic Photos And It Didn’t Quite Go To Plan

Mobile phones have undeniably revolutionized the way people take photographs. Aside from being relatively more portable than standard cameras, they’re also packed with powerful features. These include the ability to take stunning panoramic photos without the need for a tripod nor complicated camera settings.

All you have to do is choose a stationary subject and keep a steady hand as you rotate your phone to complete the shot. Your phone will even display an alignment box to guide you along the way. Sounds easy, right? Now, you might even be thinking that it’s impossible to mess up on such a simple process. Well, apparently, there are some things that you can’t control, and these panorama fails will prove just that.


“I took a panoramic picture of our living room. But my cat decided to walk through.”


“My phone has a wide selfie feature similar to a panorama. You need to sit still for it to work. My girlfriend sneezed, and this happened.”


“My father-in-law having fun with panoramic mode…”


“Took a panoramic photo at a museum and ended up making it look like this girl has the ultimate selfie hand.”


“I took a panoramic photo at a concert and lights changed in the middle of it. This is the result”


“My dog is a Cerberus (panorama gone bad)”


Centibaby, Crawler of the Deep


“My mom moved during a panorama. Troll face ensued”


“What happens when you take a panoramic photo and your dog runs into the shot.”

The rule of thumb when taking panoramic pictures is to keep a steady hand. And as much as possible, you would want to choose a stationary subject like a scenic landscape. When done right, the result can be breathtaking, offering a spectacular, wide-angle view of just about any physical space. But what happens when your pet suddenly photobombs the scene? Or when your live subject unexpectedly feels an itch?


“My sister ran through my shot as I was taking a panoramic picture.”


“Friend tried to take a panorama of her Dachshund”


“Messing around with Panorama in class a couple weeks ago..”


“I’m not very good at taking Panoramas”


“Panoramic of my friend gone wrong”


“Taking a panorama of the yard when the dog walked by. The result…”


“Panoramic picture error results in perfect phantom middle finger”


“The lighting changed as I took my panorama.”


“My kid took a panorama photo of me that went horribly right.”


These panoramic photo fails are a perfect mix of hilarious and haunting!

Unfortunately, these are all factors that are out of your control. So, you have no choice but to embrace the epic fails that they bring in. From overstretched body parts, distorted facial expressions, and more, these panorama fails will open your eyes to a whole new world of visual mess. Check out a few of the hilariously haunting photos we’ve spotted online!


“Panoramic shot gone right”


“So I tried to take a panorama at London Fashion week…”


“Camera malfunctioned as we motored away from the dock.”


“Today I managed to ruin a panoramic photo.”


“Took a photo of Butters the corgi while she was swimming on panorama mode. Created a Corgi-pillar.”


“Catch a wave”


“I moved while a panoramic photo was being taken, and ended up looking like a Picasso painting.”


Cursed Hike




“It looks like a mutant human cow”


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