Awesomely Magical ‘Pixar’ Easter Eggs You May Not Have Noticed Before


‘Pixar’ movies just have the coolest and cutest stories around. The scenes are so incredibly detailed that each time you re-watch one of their features you always see something new! You may have seen every movie the studio has ever created, but have you noticed any of these 14 awesomely magical Easter Eggs (which are hidden messages or inside jokes) that the film makers included? It seems that there are references to other Pixar movies in each and every one! Take a look!


Steve Jobs founded Pixar, back in 1986, and the appearance of this iPod in ‘WALL-E’ seems to be paying homage to that fact!



This statue of Eve created by ‘WALL-E’ has an anglepoise lamp for an arm. The lamp is a reference to ‘Luxo Junior’, an early Pixar short featuring cute little lamps. Of course the lamp is now the symbol which is synonymous with the studio.

walle statue


This Luxo Ball appears in many Pixar hits, namely ‘Toy Story 1-3’, ‘Up’, ‘Monsters, Inc.’, ‘The Incredibles’, ‘Finding Nemo’ and more!

luxo ball


Jerome’s Raft in ‘Finding Nemo’ was named after Jerome Ranft, the animator, sculptor and brother of the late Pixar employee Joe Ranft. There is also a monster named J.J. Ranft in ‘Monsters, Inc.’ which is named after both the brothers. Many of the other monsters in the movie are also named after Pixar staff!

boat pixar


In ‘Inside Out’, there is a magazine with Collette from ‘Ratatouille’ on the cover!

collette ratatouille magazine


Do you recognize the shadow on the wall? It’s Dug from ‘Up’! Strangely, the movie ‘Ratatouille’, that this still is taken from, came out two whole years before ‘Up’ was even made!

rat shadow


The industrialized area which surrounds the ‘Monsters, Inc.’ building was actually inspired by a giant oil refinery near the former Richmond, California ‘Pixar Animation Studios’.

monsters inc building


Hidden in the background in ‘Brave’ there is a wood carving of Sully from the movie ‘Monsters, Inc.’!

sully carving brave


In ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Boo tries to give Sully a Nemo doll. ‘Finding Nemo’ was released by Pixar after this.

monsters inc scene


In ‘Cars 2’ there was a poster showing Merida and her family from ‘Brave’. Brave was the next Pixar movie to be made after Cars 2.

cars 2 scene


The ‘Pizza Planet’ truck appears in every single Pixar movie apart from ‘The Incredibles’!

pizza planet truck


Check out the two toys laying on this little girl’s floor in ‘Up’, it’s the Luxo ball and Lotso from ‘Toy Story 3’!

up little girl bedroom


Did you notice the toy-torturing garbage man in ‘Toy Story 3’ is actually Sid from the original movie?!

evil sid


Cheers’ star, John Ratzenberger who played Cliff in the comedy show has appeared in every Pixar animated feature. Take a look!

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