15 Funny Diet-Related Memes That We Can All Identify With


It's fairly safe to say that most adults at least once in their life have said they are going to partake in a diet. It's also safe to say there are a few of us who have said (or tried) several times! But in a world full of guilty pleasures in the form of sugary treats and fast food, it's more often that a diet becomes wishful thinking rather than action. Now we're not disputing that healthy food can taste great, however, cutting out all that is bad for you can be extremely difficult. Take a look below at 15 funny images related to dieting and we're sure you'll find yourself identifying with most, if not all, of them!


Burn Calories




Diet Pepsi




Eat 10







Fell Off Wagon


Finds Me





Healthy Snacks


Next Week



Rather Be Fat