This Artist Carves Avocado Pits Into Magical Forest Creatures

Avocados are something millions of us eat every single day. The fruit has a delicious flavor and is extremely versatile. Now, unless you want to grow your own avocado tree, most of us just throw the pit inside the fruit away. One person who does much more with the seed is Jan Campbell. It all began when Jan was preparing an avocado for lunch and she was struck by the beauty of the pit. She felt inspired to carve away at the surface of the stone and was left with a beautiful creation. Needless to say, Jan developed and mastered her craft, the rest is history. To find out more about these wonderful carvings and to see some examples, take a look below!
Website: AvocadoStoneFaces

Talented Artist Carves Avocado Pits

Many of Jan’s carvings are inspired by Celtic Folklore. 

We find the carvings very peaceful to look at. 

Here you can see an awesome range of Jan’s creations. Isn’t it amazing to see all of the different tones and shades of the stones?

Wow! What a huge pit. It must have been a good one to work with. 

Many of the carvings are of tranquil faces of ‘forest spirits’. 

The detail held on such a small surface area is super impressive. 

We love how the pieces feel as if they have a personality and a spirit. 

It’s interesting to see the varying things Jan chooses to create. 

This is certainly a unique craft that takes a lot of skill. 

It’s amazing how Jan can easily replicate her designs. Aside from the colors, these pieces are near identical! 

We think that this piece is our favorite! We would never have guessed that these carvings started out as avocado stones. 

If you’re interested in purchasing any of Jan’s carvings, you’ll be pleased to know that she does sell them.

However, the items sell extremely fast so you would need to be quick. 

The link to Jan’s website is at the top of this page but you can also follow her Instagram here. She also has an Etsy page that you can check out here.

We never would have imagined that avocado stones could be the basis for such wonderful art. Jan’s creativity truly blows us away. It just goes to show that if you experiment with unusual items, you can end up with something brilliant. We can’t wait to see what else she comes out with in the future!