29 Hilarious Reasons Why Having a Cat and a Glass Table Make Perfect Sense

Perspective makes all the difference because we all have different ways of looking at the world. But have you tried looking at cats on a glass table from below? If you haven’t yet then you’re missing out. We assure you, that view will certainly crack you up.

Our feline buddies usually make stances that are really hilarious. But viewing them from under a glass table is on a different level of hilarity. So, the next time you see your furball on a glass table, take your camera and capture that image from down below. Take a look at our list of funny photos of cats taken from under a transparent surface. Some of them resemble a huge lump of cloud while others look like catloaves. But no matter how they look like, they are all cute in their own ways. Check out these adorable cats from a different perspective.

Every Step You Take Every Bag You Shake Every Fish You Bake I’ll Be Watching You!

My Mother Just Sent Me This Picture.. She Just Woke Up And Had This Fella Sleeping Over Her Bed

Glass Bowl Of Cat!

The Tongue Out Tuesday Vibes In Combeanation With Some Chubbiness And Bootyfulness

Mikan Is Always Crushed

Hover Cat Is Here


I’m a chunk

Oh Hello. I Didn’t See You Down There

MRW I Have No Money And I See People Eating Delicious Food In Cafes

Cats Are Liquid

Too bright in here

Wish You A Pawsome Day. Beautiful Pawsies Lola And Nina

Melting Cloud

Looking Up At A Full Set Of Jellybeans

I See What You Are Cooking

Squishy Boi

The Anatomy Of A Catloaf


Chubby Cheeks

Kitty Had A Hard Night

I Notice You Looking At Muh Belleh!!!

Feeling Sleepy

Cutest Gremlin Ever

Human If You Post This We Are Going To Have Problems

A Curled Peet, Jellybean Toes Fully On Display

Is There Even Such A Thing As Too Many Wrinkles?

Fat Loaf

“Human, Look At Ma Beans!”