A Guitar Company Has Created The First Ramen Noodle Electric Guitar

Music is a strong form of expression where all types of emotions and feelings can be shown. A Russian guitar maker evidently showed his love for his favorite dish when he created this awesome Ramen Noodle Electric Guitar. But what’s with these custom-made electric guitars that are becoming a trend nowadays? The world was stunned recently with the Godzilla Electric Guitar, a guitar that looks exactly like the mini version of the fierce monster.

Just when we thought we’ve seen the most stupendous guitar ever, now here comes this noodle-loaded guitar. When it comes to design, only the Ramen Noodle electric guitar can come on a par with the monstrous guitar.

Art Mayer built the first ever Ramen Noodle electric guitar for his company Copper Guitars. This is to show his love for this Japanese dish and to demonstrate his remarkable craftsmanship as well. In order to construct this exceptional idea, he used 36 packs of ramen noodles, five liters of polyester resin, a maple piece, and other accessories to create this beautiful guitar. Mayer admits that it took a catastrophic amount of time and money to turn this project into reality.

But all his efforts paid off when he finally completed the ambitious project. The beautiful guitar looks like a piece of glass with the curly ramen noodles perfectly preserved inside. Indeed, this unique guitar also doubles as a stunning piece of art. Now we know that guitar and ramen noodles make beautiful music together.






Watch the video below to see how Mayer built the ramen noodle electric guitar



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Copper Guitars doesn’t intend to mass produce the Ramen Noodle Guitar and put it up for sale. Mayer says that it was just a freaky experiment. And he wants it to remain unique and the only one of its kind in the world. Well, considering that Mayer already shared the video of how he created this unique musical instrument, perhaps anyone can also make their own noodle-laden guitar now.

Source: Copper Guitars