The DJ Cat Scratching Pad Lets Your Kitty Do What They Do Best

Cats love to scratch, it’s in their nature. It’s one of their most annoying habits that leads to the destruction of furniture and carpets. This DJ Cat scratching pad will turn this troublesome feline habit into an amusing show. So, you can laugh your heart out as you watch your furball spin the track and drop some beats.

For those who own a cat, a scratching post is a must. No matter how many times you try to stop your kitty from scratching, the habit just won’t stop. We need to understand that felines manifest this behaviour for a reason and not because they just want to annoy their humans. They scratch on anything as a way to sharpen their claws. As creatures that originated from the wild, they always possess the instinct to be physically prepared for the chase and hunt. Scratching also allows them to stretch out their bodies which makes it a great exercise. Furthermore, scratching is a way of marking their territory.


DJ Cat Scratching Pad

dj cat scratching pad

Giving them a scratching post lures them away from your furniture, carpets and curtains. How about we take advantage of this instinct and turn your fur baby into a pumped up DJ? This scratching pad is shaped like a turntable. But instead of a vinyl disc, the platter mat holds a thick roll of recycled cardboard, a tempting material that felines couldn’t possibly resist.

cardboard turntable for cats


funny dj cat scratching pad

The DJ scratching pad comes complete with a moveable tonearm and printed pitch. The spinnable platter sits on a wooden base adorned with cat-related stickers including smileys, paw prints, a dead mouse, a bloody bird and fishes. It also includes hilarious phrases such as ‘I Love Tuna’, ‘Run Dog’ and ‘Scratch Till You Itch’ because these are something our cats would say if they could talk. One happy buyer wrote:

“My friend and I are obsessed with EDM music and cats – so this gift was the perfect for her cat! He actually has been playing with it.”




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