KitKat Have Released A Red Velvet Whirl Flavor And It Sounds Mouth Watering

Breaking news! Our favorite chocolate-covered wafer snack has released the KitKat Red Velvet Whirl Share Bar. And it’s probably the dreamiest and most decadent variant of the much beloved snack! Over the years, we’v been seeing a lot of delightful releases from the snack company.

In 2017, the world was treated to the first-ever KitKat Red Velvet flavor during Valentine’s Day. Then, in 2018, KitKat wowed the world again with the release of the naturally pink KitKat bars made from ruby cocoa beans. This year’s KitKat Red Velvet Flavor is probably their most bold and decadent attempt yet.

“KitKat 4 Finger Red Velvet Whirl Share Bar contains 4 wafer fingers on a milk chocolate base, covered in decadent swirls and cream cheese flavoured choc. It is the ideal snack for those who really value their break.” KitKat Australia wrote.

I love to eat cake during meetings! Weeeee Red Velvet Cake from Ricebowl is amaaaaze


KitKat Red Velvet Flavor

2017’s white creme coated red velvet KitKat seemingly missed the mark of becoming an iconic break time treat.  But this time, the new KitKat Red Velvet Flavor come decorated with glorious white and red swirls that, in our humble opinion, are iconic. This time, KitKat has finally nailed the red velvet flavor and aesthetic.

Break-loving fans have since scrambled to get have the chance to sink their teeth on the KitKat Red Velvet Flavor

sideway kit kat red velvet flavor

Unfortunately, the KitKat Red Velvet Whirl is exclusively available in Australia. So don’t expect to find this swirly KitKat in the shelves of your local convenience stores. But don’t despair. If you really want to try the KitKat Red Velvet Flavor, you always turn to the Internet for help.

You can now enjoy your KitKat treat guilt-free.

model enjoying a kitkat
KitKat Australia


4 kit kat fingers being coated with chocolate
KitKat Australia

As of writing, GB Gifts still has one last piece of the covetable chocolate wafer snack. You can also get it on Amazon.

We all love the chocolate treats that KitKat churns out. And it seems that we’re getting a lot of reasons to love the chocolate company more and more. KitKat Japan recently announced that they’re switching to paper you can use to make origami. And now the KitKat Red Velvet Flavor is proudly sourced from sustainable cocoa communities which not only helps improve the cocoa quality, but also the lives of its farmers.

That just made our favorite break time snack sweeter! If you don’t get the chance to try this variant, KitKat is in no shortage of delectable offerings. They’re bringing back their pumpkin pie flavor this year, if you didn’t get the memo!

Source: KitKat