Arminas Raugevicius Presents World Leaders Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before


Bet you've never imagined Obama and Putin looking like this! Graphic artist Arminus Raugevicius used 'Photoshop' to give world leaders a very different, new-age look in this hilarious photo series. With nearly all their visible flesh covered in a myriad of tattoos, they look completely unlike anyone who would ever be accepted into a high ranking government position. 'Raugevicius' told 'BoredPanda' the images were designed to defy stereotypes and get people thinking about discrimination in general. 'What is taboo now, can be ok in a few years. This is not only about the looks, people are being discriminated by their race, religion, even disablement… society is lacking openness and we need to speak about it'. Check it out!
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Barack Obama


Valdimir Putin



Kim Jong Un


Dalia Grybauskaite


Xijing Ping

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